Non-Invasive Treatments For Knee Injuries

North Potomac, MD Knee Injury Doctor

Suffering a knee injury can greatly limit how you move and complete routine tasks. If you have recently sustained an injury that affects your knee, you have a number of options to consider. There are a host of safe, minimally invasive, and risk-free treatments that have been proven to be effective for many individuals with knee pain. A knee injury doctor from North Potomac, MD, like one from Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, can explain treatment options that may be beneficial for you. 

Physical Therapy

Before considering surgery, physical therapy is a good option to begin with to heal your knee injury. Physical therapy consists of exercises paired with diet and lifestyle changes designed to manage pain, increase your range of motion and strengthen your body. A knee injury doctor might recommend physical therapy along with traditional chiropractic treatments so that you can recover from your injury faster.


One of the oldest forms of alternative treatments, acupuncture has been practiced for three thousand years. The practice involves putting needles into the parts of the body to stimulate the central nervous system and relieve pain. Chemicals are released throughout the body, helping to trigger its healing capabilities. Acupuncture is effective for those with knee injuries. Needles are inserted into the knee, stimulating the nerves. 

Knee Injections

Injections such as viscosupplementation injections provide immediate relief for knee pain. A knee doctor will inject hyaluronic acid into tendons and joints in the knee so that it is lubricated. This reduces friction within the knee, helping to improve mobility and reduce pain. 

Treating Knee Pain at Home

If you have knee pain, you can use several methods to manage it at home. 

  • RICE. The acronym RICE stands for Rest,  Ice, Compression and Elevation. You can use this to treat mild knee pain. 
  • Heat therapy. You can use heat to relieve pain and sooth the knee muscles. 
  • Knee brace. A knee brace or compression sleeve helps to stabilize your knee. They allow you to move around while putting pressure around the knee to provide support.

There are treatment options available if you have suffered a knee injury or experience constant knee pain. With non-invasive treatments, you don’t have to worry about risks such as side effects. Before immediately considering traditional treatments like surgery or medication, see if these treatments may be effective for you. Talk to a knee doctor to learn more about treatments that are right for you.