What You Need to Know About PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, is a form of hair loss treatment that offers many benefits that make it distinct from more traditional forms of therapy. It is effective for those suffering from hereditary baldness or hair loss. Many patients who experience hair loss or hair thinning issues have experienced positive results after getting this treatment. Before you consider getting PRP therapy to treat your condition, there are several key things that you should be aware of. 

PRP is not a painful process

One of the benefits of PRP therapy is that it is a quick and pain-free process. The initial process for getting your plasma extracted does not cause pain. While it may be uncomfortable to get your blood drawn, the procedure itself is not painful. Only a small amount of blood is drawn from you when the doctor is performing the procedure. When the serum is complete and is being injected in your scalp, it may cause some discomfort but it does not hurt. If you have more sensitive skin, that area may feel more uncomfortable. 

It does not involve foreign substances 

PRP therapy uses your own blood cells from plasma, so it is a regenerative therapy that encourages the growth of many new, healthier cells in your scalp. As a skilled and certified PRP hair loss doctor can tell you, PRP therapy uses the plasma from your blood to promote hair growth. Many patients often hear the myth that PRP therapy uses foreign substances, but it only uses the cells from your own body, so your body does not reject the serum. This allows your body to heal much faster and experience much greater results. 

Sessions don’t take a long time

Each session can take as little as 30 minutes. The number of sessions that you may need dampened on your unique condition, such as the severity of your hair loss or thinning. However, you do not have to wait in the office for hours while the procedure is being done. After the blood is drawn, it only takes a couple quick injections for the doctor to do before the process is done. They will let you know how many sessions you can expect to go through to see results. 

Not everyone is a candidate 

Just like any other treatment, PRP therapy is most suitable for individuals with certain conditions, such as moderate hair loss. It may not yield significant and effective results for those with more severe hair loss rare or complex conditions. Talk to a reputable PRP therapy doctor to understand how PRP therapy will work for you and if you are an eligible candidate. To find out, you will need to set up a consultation and they will do an in-depth exam to see if it is the right option for you. 

There are many advantages and benefits that PRP therapy offers. If you need assistance determining what hair loss treatments you are eligible for, set up an appointment with a qualified hair doctor for more information.