Why it is important to see a doctor after an accident

Being in an accident is stressful. The amount of confusion that the average car crash causes is no secret, and we have all heard lots of advice from different people on what to do. One thing that is not stressed nearly enough however is the importance of seeking medical attention immediately. Delaying seeing a medical professional after being in an auto accident can only hurt you, both physically and financially. Here are two huge reasons why:

  1. Not all injuries are obvious

Many common injuries from accidents, such as spine head injuries, do not show obvious signs until days or weeks after the incident. Though you may have walked away from the accident with little more than a headache, you could find yourself bedridden before you know it. These types of injuries can grow severe and even life threatening, so it is far better to get ahead of them by getting to a doctor and making sure you are okay. Failure to do so is a gamble, and not a worthy one.

  1. Delaying could hurt your ability to seek damages

The longer you put off getting your injuries diagnosed, the less likely you become of reaching a favorable settlement with the insurance company. Insurance companies are not on your side. They are in the interest of paying as little in a settlement as they can get away with. If you waited weeks to see a doctor, then they will use that to try and downplay the severity of your injuries. In some cases, they may even use the time to create doubt that your injuries were a result of the accident.

The worst part is that juries are likely to believe them if the case goes to court. There is a common narrative in our country that plaintiffs in personal injury cases are only interested in a big payday, and are always exaggerating their injuries. Waiting feeds the insurance companies’ ability to use this narrative against you in court.

Of course, there are many reasons to avoid going to the doctor as well. Medical checkups are not cheap, especially if you don’t have health insurance. I can also be difficult to find the time to see the doctor. It cannot be stressed enough though that these burdens must be overcome. The risks are simply to high.

If you do find yourself in settlement negotiations with an insurance company after waiting to seek medical attention, contact an experienced attorney, like a car accident attorney Dekalb County GA trusts, in your area. Your attorney will be able to walk you through your rights, and ensure that you receive the best settlement possible.

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3 Common Knee Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

A knee injury is very painful and can make it more difficult to do daily activities. Some days it can be difficult to even get out of bed. Dealing with this kind of injury is definitely frustrating. Let’s take a closer look at three common knee injuries in personal injury cases:

  1. Tendon Tears and Ruptures

The patellar tendon and the quadriceps tendon surround the knee and are vulnerable to injury. If a tendon tears during an accident, it may take a long time to recover. In some cases, surgery is needed.

  1. Fractures

Several types of fractures can occur in the knee cap, including stable, displaced, comminuted and open. Some of the fractures are more severe than others. For example, proper rest is usually all that’s needed to heal a stable fracture. An open fracture, on the other hand is more severe. It will likely require extensive surgery and take a long time to heal.

  1. Meniscal Injuries

The meniscus cartilage is located between the femur and tibia bones and  acts as a shock absorber between the two bones. This tissue lets the knee bend nice and smoothly. If the meniscal gets torn during an accident, it can result in excruciating pain. A small tear might be able to heal on its own, but a complete tear is much more complicated. Surgery and physical therapy will likely be needed in order to make a full recovery.

These injuries are just a few common knee injuries that can result from car crashes and other accidents. If you suffered a knee injury during an accident, it has likely had a negative impact on your life. You may deal with severe pain every day and can’t move your knee around as freely anymore. That’s why it is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer Memphis TN relies on right away. He or she may review your case for free and help you bring a lawsuit against the person who caused your knee injury.

During your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer, he or she will likely want to find out a lot of information about your case. Your lawyer may ask you how the accident happened and what type of medical care you have seeked for your injury. Be sure to be completely truthful in your answers and don’t leave anything out. The more information you have, the better your lawyer can help you.

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Defenseless Players and Concussion Injuries

Lacrosse may be the fastest-growing high school boy’s sport in the United States, but only football and ice hockey have higher concussion rates A new study pinpoints a possible culprit: widespread and intentional use of helmets during player-to-player contact, often to defenseless players, and usually without a penalty being called.

Researchers at the Medstar Sports Medicine Research Center in Baltimore videotaped 518 boys’ lacrosse games at 25 public high schools in Fairfax County, Virginia during the 2008 and 2009 seasons. A total of 86 concussions were identified and treated by athletic trainers.

Defenseless Hits Prevention

The findings suggest that “the principal causes of concussions in boys’ lacrosse are associated with intentional use of helmets during player-to-player contact,” wrote lead author, Andrew E. Lincoln, ScD, MS, Director of the Sports Medicine Research Center, MedStar Health Research Institute at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore.

“Our findings also demonstrate that the struck player was unaware and unprepared for the impending impact in about half of the collisions resulting in concussions and captured on video.  These ‘defenseless hits’ represent scenarios where the player’s full attention is focused on obtaining possession of the ball, and therefore, the player may be vulnerable to unanticipated contact from an opponent.”

Teaching players to take a “heads up” approach (as is being done in boys’ hockey and football), and emphasizing the importance of increasing the strength of neck muscles are areas that are gaining increasing attention as ways of mitigating the rotational forces that are seen by experts as the principal injury mechanism of concussion. This would appear to be especially relevant to lacrosse, as Dr. Lincoln’s study reports that impacts to the side of the helmet and the parietal lobe of the brain were involved in about a third of all concussion impacts to the head, impacts that presumably resulted in precisely the kind of spinning of the brain that can lead to concussion.

Rules and Enforcement Enhancements

The absence of penalty calls on most of these plays suggests an area for exploration, such as the extent to which rules governing player to player contact are enforced and how effective these rules are for the prevention of head injury at various levels of the sport,” the study concluded.

As in boys’ hockey and football, rules against intentional contact to the head are only as good as the officials charged with enforcing them.

Many support the study’s recommendation about ways to reduce concussions in the sport, expressing the view that “violent collision should be removed from boys’/men’s lacrosse.”


Because players are vulnerable, there is some responsibility to leagues like lacrosse camps Washington DC trusts, protective gear companies, coaches, referees, etc. to be sure that players hit the fields as safely as possible. If you think you or your loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a lawyer today.

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The Value of a Chiropractor and Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, your priorities should be to receive medical treatment and ensure your bills are paid. Many car accidents result in serious injuries such as back pain, whiplash, musculoskeletal injuries, and soft tissue damage.

According to statistics by the American Chiropractic Association, up to 31 million Americans experience low back pain after a personal injury. This means that after a car accident, you may benefit from treatment by a chiropractor. You may also need a lawyer to ensure you are compensated for the accident by the party who caused it. Let us highlight some of the benefits of having a chiropractor and a personal injury lawyer by your side after a serious car accident.

Documentation of Chiropractic Treatment Helps Determine the Value of Your Case

Personal injury claims cannot include costs for any medical care, including from a chiropractor, unless you can prove it was a necessary expense for treatment of your car accident injury. A chiropractor can provide the following documentation to help in the valuation of your case:

  • Detailed charts that list the severity of your symptoms: This is important because symptoms of serious injuries may not be immediately apparent. If you were feeling fine after a car accident but later start experiencing pain, proper documentation can trace your injuries to the accident.
  • All treatment provided to you: Insurance companies are only satisfied after they see detailed records showing why and how you were treated for your injury.
  • Accurate billing information: This includes office visits, dates, and the cost of every treatment: Many personal injury claims need to be filed within two years of an injury. Billing information helps prove that your treatment was related to the accident and that the period for filing your claim has not expired.

The documentation provided by a chiropractor can help your lawyer prove your injuries were related to the car accident. The information regarding the treatment provided to you and the related billing information can help justify the amount of money your lawyer will pursue for your medical expenses and other damages.

Chiropractic Expertise Can Help With Allocating Liability

After a car accident, investigations need to be carried out before anyone is held liable for the incident. Even if you are injured and the other driver does not sustain injuries, this does not automatically make them liable for your damages. Many accidents that result in soft tissue injuries; whiplash, a herniated disc, or head trauma, are caused by rear-end collisions. These are the types of injuries that a chiropractor often specializes in treating.

In rear end accidents, the at-fault driver may try to claim that the accident was not their fault. A chiropractor can explain to your lawyer the extent of your injuries and the possible ways you may have sustained such injuries. Your lawyer can then make a compelling argument that proves the liability of the other driver for your injuries.

Chiropractors Can Help Justify Special Damages

In a personal injury case following a car accident, your lawyer may argue for the at-fault party to pay special damages. These include pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, and temporary disability. A chiropractor can go a long way in helping your lawyer justify these special awards. When making demands for special damages, your lawyer can rely on the expert opinion of your chiropractor regarding how long your injuries will take to heal, or the extent of damage that has been caused, and also the pain and suffering you have endured during treatment.

If you have sustained a serious personal injury after a car accident, you should seek the assistance of a qualified chiropractor and a seasoned personal injury attorney people can trust. Both of these professionals can help strengthen your claim and increase the likelihood you receive fair compensation.