Knee Doctor

When is it Time to See a Knee Doctor?

Knee DoctorThere is no one, catch-all answer to, when is it time to see a knee doctor but the bottom line is, if you have knee pain and there is something you can do to stop it, you should. There are many different causes of knee pain that can affect people of all ages, as well as people who have widely different activity levels. Some knee pain can be treated at home with rest and ice whereas other knee pain will not go away without intervention from a knee doctor or other healthcare providers. Knee pain can be mild to debilitating but the good news is, there are alternative treatments to invasive and painful surgeries. If you or someone you care about has knee pain, it may be time to see a knee doctor who can offer you alternative treatments to help attain a pain-free life.

Knee Pain

Many people do not recognize the important jobs their knees do on a daily basis- until their knees stop working the way they are accustomed to them working. Joint pain, stiffness, and freezing are common, frustrating problems for people. Joint pain can be caused by many different things, from not exercising enough to exercising too much. Common causes of knee pain include but are not limited to:

  • Injuries
  • Arthritis and similar conditions
  • Infections
  • Heredity
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Being overweight
  • Lack of muscle strength
  • Mechanical problems

If you have been suffering from knee pain that is negatively impacting your daily life, it is probably time to get some relief. If a long-term condition or new injury is causing you to feel stiff, have difficulty exercising or even just moving around to do your daily activities, and doing things such as going up or down stairs, there is hope that you do not have to live like this forever.

Holistic Knee Pain Specialists

Unfortunately, the horror stories of knee surgeries that did not go well or just did not provide the relief they were supposed to, are true. While people have found some relief from invasive surgeries, there are effective treatment methods besides this. The recovery time for traditional knee surgery is long, painful and there is no guarantee that a patient’s recovery will be 100% complete.

Holistic knee pain specialists look at their patients as whole people in order to come up with treatment plans to help their patients achieve optimal health and wellness, while focusing on non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical pain management.

Holistic knee specialists believe that the body can best heal itself through regenerative, integrative medicine. Just a few of the different forms of holistic therapies available to patients to help relieve them of their knee pain are, viscosupplementation injections along with physical therapy to supplement it. The injections help to mimic the synovial fluid surrounding joints that lubricates them so that bones move smoothly over one another. This way of combatting knee pain, along with physical therapy to help you regain your strength and acquire better balance, is one of the ways patients have been able to lead a knee-pain-free life.

For a potentially life-changing experience and relief from knee pain, contact a compassionate knee doctor at Pain Arthritis Relief Center.

Client Review

“Doctor Tony did an amazing job and within my first week, I felt immensely better than the first day. The treatment took about 5-6 weeks and I am more than grateful to Doctor Tony and the Pain Arthritis Relief center staff.”
Adrian Kibuuka
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