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The Pain Arthritis Relief Center may provide you with an on-staff stem cells doctor for knee pain Rockville, MD residents rely on for relief. Call us at (301) 710-9777 to request an appointment with a specialist. A Rockville stem cells doctor for knee pain from our staff can perform an exam, tell you more about this treatment, and talk about whether it’s the right solution for you.


As people age, bodies wear down and joints typically become less flexible. Many people develop osteoarthritis if the cartilage breaks down or becomes too thin. Once the cartilage is destroyed, a very painful condition develops when bones rub together. This kind of knee problem often occurs after a certain age, especially for athletes and former athletes. A stem cells doctor for knee pain Rockville, MD pain sufferers turn to may help slow or reverse the deterioration.

What is involved in a stem cell treatment?

A stem cells doctor for knee pain in Rockville, MD from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center may use this treatment for the relief of chronic tendonitis and pain from knee osteoarthritis.

  • Stem cell treatment is non-surgical and does not require substantial downtime for recovery.
  • The patient’s own stem cells are used for injections or they are implanted into the patient.
  • Stem cell treatments use the patient’s own recovery system and cell growth to promote the natural healing process.
  • The stem cells are commonly taken from the patient’s bone marrow but a stem cells doctor for knee pain Rockville, MD families recommend from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center can access them from various areas of the body.

The Stem Cell Procedure

The exact procedure will vary according to the condition of the patient and the treatment that the doctor is performing. However, stem cell treatments commonly follow these steps:

  1. The doctor will draw a small amount of blood from you, very often from your bone, which will contain bone marrow stem cells. Very often this is in the knee or the hip.
  2. The stem cells are injected into your damaged knee joint, or else surgically implanted into it.
  3. Because the stem cells come from your own body, the likelihood of your body rejecting them is very low.
  4. After the initial stem cell injection, a follow up visit may be necessary. A stem cells doctor for knee pain Rockville, MD locals choose from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center may inject you with platelet rich plasma. To create this, he may use the blood that he draws from your arm.

Find Out More

Every patient is unique because everyone’s body is a little different. Come see us to find out if stem cell treatments are right for you. During the first visit consultation, our stem cells doctor can answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about the treatment. Call the Pain and Arthritis Relief Center at (301) 710-9777 for an appointment with a stem cells doctor for knee pain Rockville, MD patients trust for optimum healthcare.

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