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Do you suffer from knee pain that only gets worse when you’re active? Have you found yourself struggling with stiffness that makes movement difficult? You may have knee osteoarthritis (OA), a form of arthritis that impacts the joints in your knees, leaving you swollen and stiff in the process.

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Fortunately, long-term knee pain relief is possible — and at Pain Arthritis Relief Center it’s most likely covered by your insurance! Contact us for a consultation in Rockville, Maryland and begin treating knee osteoarthritis today so you can be pain-free tomorrow.

What is Knee Osteoarthritis?

Knee osteoarthritis is a joint condition that occurs when the protective cartilage around the joints in your knee wears down, causing your bones to rub against each other. The joint fluid then loses its shock-absorbing qualities, resulting in pain and stiffness.

This typically occurs as a result of age (women over 55 are especially prone to developing the condition). However, other contributing factors can also play a role, including:

  • Overweight problems
  • Heredity
  • Athletics
  • Repeated stress injuries
  • Other arthritic conditions or metabolic disorders

Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

If you have knee osteoarthritis, you’re probably experiencing a great deal of pain. In mild cases of knee osteoarthritis, you’ll usually experience about 30 minutes of stiffness each morning. In this case, mild activity can provide some knee pain relief as it works to warm up your joints. If you have a more moderate form of the condition, however, you may notice increased levels of pain when you’re active that eventually seeps into resting time as well. Additionally, growths can sometimes form at the end of your bones, intensifying pain.

In more severe cases, you’ll start to experience limited movement and constant, severe pain that makes doing daily activities difficult.

Knee Pain Relief in Maryland

If you have been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, we may have the treatment you’ve been looking for. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we offer viscosupplementation injections that can help you achieve knee pain relief and improve your range of motion without surgery.

FDA approved and proven highly successful in helping knee osteoarthritis patients find some relief, viscosupplementation injections involve injecting hyaluronic acid into your knee joints. This substance, which acts as a lubricant to prevent your bones from rubbing together, should be found naturally in your joints but tends to occur in low concentrations for those with osteoarthritis.

Including physical therapy as part of the treatment is also important. The knee joint is part of a bigger kinetic chain that requires strength and balance for pain free movement. At Advanced Spine & Wellness Center, we will customize a specific strengthening and balancing program for you to complement the amazing effects of viscosupplementation.

You may need professional help from a Rockville MD knee injury doctor. Contact us today!

Ready to get started with viscosupplementation injections? Contact us today to begin treating knee osteoarthritis in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Potomac, North Potomac, or Bethesda and enjoy an active lifestyle once again.

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