Common Work Injuries

If your job involves strenuous lifting, repetitive motions or dangerous equipment, you may be prone to a number of dangerous work injuries. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center in Rockville, we provide customized work injury treatment plans to help you with the recovery and strengthening process. Contact us today for a combination of movement therapy, physical therapy, back strengthening and other treatments that will help you deal with your workplace injury.

Work injuries vary depending on the nature of the job; however, common work injuries include:

  • Overexertion. This is considered the number-one workplace injury. Overexertion is due to activities involving pulling, lifting, carrying, holding or throwing.
  • Falling. Injuries often occur because of wet office floors that cause people to slip. Falls from elevated areas like roofs or ladders are also considered common work injuries.
  • Car accidents. If you drive a truck for work or use transportation specifically for business purposes, car accidents tend to be pretty common.
  • Falling objects. Injuries commonly occur when items fall from shelves or are dropped on someone.
  • Improper use of dangerous equipment. This type of workplace injury is most common in factory-like settings that have dangerous machinery.

Work Injury Treatment in Rockville, MD

work injury
If you suffer from one of these workplace injuries or have experienced another work related injury, call our chiropractic office today to start work injury treatment and alleviate your pain. At Pain and Arthritis Relief Center in Rockville, we create personalized work injury treatment plans for each client based on the nature and severity of the injury sustained. We provide a combination of the following services:

  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy aids pain relief and increases normal ranges of mobility, helping your body quickly recover from injury.
  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture works to alleviate pain, improve mobility and promote tissue healing.
  • Chiropractic adjustment. Adjustments can treat physical problems related to back pain, joint pain and headaches.
  • Power Plate rehabilitation. The Power Plate is designed for a variety of rehabilitative exercises created to improve coordination, balance, bone density and tissue healing.
  • Kinesio Taping®. The Kinesio Taping® method works to help the body heal, while also providing support for your muscles and joints, reducing pain and promoting circulation.

In addition to the work injury treatments above, Pain Arthritis Relief Center can also help you with back strengthening to prevent future back injuries and reduce existing pain. If you live in Montgomery County or the surrounding areas, contact us for a custom work injury treatment plan that meets all your needs!

Client Review

“A few months ago I re-injured my back and came into the clinic in a wheelchair. Today, about 3 months later, I just finished a 3 mile run. That alone should tell my experience. “
Greg K.
Client Review

Carolyn B.

– Knee Pain Patient

I have been having problems with my knees for 15 years. Now I can function again, I can walk, and I’m even planning a trip.

Rich Lee

– WAVA Radio Host, Knee Pain Patient

My only regret? I should’ve done this a lot sooner.

Walter C.

– Knee Pain Patient

I would recommend this place to anyone who has arthritic knees.

Kathryn Z.

– Knee Pain Patient

From the time I walked out of here, the pain has gone away. I’m delighted.

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