Numbness and Tingling

If you are experiencing tingling and numbness in your hands or feet, it could indicate a sensory weakness in the nervous system. We can determine the root cause and provide numbness and tingling relief!

Have you been experiencing numbness and tingling in your legs, arms, feet or fingers? Numbness and tingling in the extremities are usually indicative of a longer standing problem affecting the sensory portion of the nerves. If you suffer from this condition, it’s imperative to have your symptoms checked out right away.

Numbness and Tingling
Don’t dismiss tingling or numbness in your extremities — especially if it doesn’t go away. The issue has most likely been occurring for much longer than you have been experiencing the symptoms. If left untreated, it can be dangerous, as tingling or numbness could be indicative of stroke, diabetes or multiple sclerosis. The chiropractors at Pain Arthritis Relief Center, located in Rockville, Maryland, can determine whether the issue stems from actual damage to a nerve or is referred from the nerves. Our holistic techniques will get to the root of the problem so your body can function properly again. Schedule your appointment to learn more.

Causes of Numbness & Tingling

Though often felt in the feet and hands, numbness and tingling can occur anywhere and be caused by a number of different things. Such symptoms can even be a result of sitting or standing in one position for an extended period of time. Other causes of numbness and tingling include:

  • A herniated disc
  • An animal or insect bite
  • Certain medication
  • Lack of vitamin B12
  • Seizure
  • Stroke
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis

What should I wear to acupuncture sessions?

You will want to be as comfortable as possible during treatments. It’s important that the acupuncturist is able to access various points of the body. Wearing loose clothing is helpful and allows your acupuncturist to easily administer treatment. Either wear comfortable clothing or bring a change of clothing with you to make treatments as comfortable as possible. 

“Our holistic techniques will get to the root of the problem so your body can function properly again, acupuncture can actually help to relieve stress”

Will I be able to relax during treatments?

Acupuncturists can provide you with a relaxed setting to receive acupuncture treatments. Often, they may lower the lights, turn on a sound machine and even a heat lamp. Acupuncture can actually help to relieve stress. Because of this, many people may find that once needles are placed they are able to fully relax and may even fall asleep.

Considering trying acupuncture?

Contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center today to determine whether you are a treatment for this natural, alternative form of medicine.

When Should You Seek Treatment?

You should see a medical professional if:

  • The numbness and tingling persists
  • You experience sudden weakness or can’t move certain parts of your body
  • Your speech becomes slurred or you have trouble speaking
  • You have difficulty seeing or walking
  • The numbness and tingling gets worse as you walk

Contact Us to Schedule Numbness & Tingling Treatment in Rockville, MD

Chiropractic is a viable and effective option for numbness and tingling treatment. Pain Arthritis Relief Center has helped many residents in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas reduce their numbness and tingling—and we can help you, too! Our approach is comprehensive. We combine structural correction techniques with acupuncture for the best results.

Client Review

“I have never met a group as kind and caring as this group. Each and every person knows your name, even if they don’t work with you. Each person takes the time to stop and say hi and ask how you are.”
Kelsie K.
Client Review

Carolyn B.

– Knee Pain Patient

I have been having problems with my knees for 15 years. Now I can function again, I can walk, and I’m even planning a trip.

Rich Lee

– WAVA Radio Host, Knee Pain Patient

My only regret? I should’ve done this a lot sooner.

Walter C.

– Knee Pain Patient

I would recommend this place to anyone who has arthritic knees.

Kathryn Z.

– Knee Pain Patient

From the time I walked out of here, the pain has gone away. I’m delighted.


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