Sleep Apnea Treatment Chevy Chase, MD Sleep Apnea Treatment Chevy Chase, MD

When you suffer from sleep apnea, you may be wondering if the sleep apnea treatment Chevy Chase, MD recommends from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center can help you. Often, someone suffering from sleep apnea finds that their airflow is so restricted when they are breathing at night that their brain forces them awake so that they can take in a breath. When you have this symptom of sleep apnea, it can be incredibly scary because you may wonder what would happen if your brain did not wake you up. You should not have to live in fear of sleeping at night. Instead, you should contact our chiropractors to discuss the sleep apnea treatment in Chevy Chase, Maryland that residents are recommending. 

Your Sleep Apnea and Your Spine

Believe it or not, your sleep apnea may be directly related to your spinal alignment. We know it sounds crazy, but we believe that each part of your body is connected to each other and that when one thing is misaligned it can create a domino effect throughout. Our sleep apnea treatment in Chevy Chase focuses on seeing which chiropractic techniques can help with your problem. 

Vertebral subluxations have proven to help many people suffering from sleep apnea because these chiropractic techniques can help when the communication between your brain and your nerves is not working the way it is supposed to. When you go through our Chevy Chase, MD sleep apnea treatment, you know you are getting a chiropractor who will listen to each of your problems and concerns about your sleep and find a treatment plan that is right for you. Not all chiropractic techniques will be right for the symptoms you are showing, so we will want to know your medical history, how long you have suffered from sleep apnea, and what kind of symptoms you are experiencing.  Often, our patients tell us they discovered they had sleep apnea because they:

  • Snore
  • Have trouble breathing at night
  • Are tired during the day
  • Wake up needing to take in more air

When you suffer from sleep apnea, it is highly likely that you will find it affects more than just your sleep. Those who have sleep apnea do not wake up rested and often discover that they are irritable, fatigued, and forgetful throughout the day. If you suffer from sleep apnea and need Chevy Chase, Maryland sleep apnea treatment, contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center now.