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Physical Therapy rockville md There are a wide variety of treatment options available to those who receive physical therapy Rockville, MD, residents rely on from the Advanced Spine & Wellness Center. Physical therapists can work with people with a range of injuries or illnesses to help them function at their best every day. Depending on the diagnosis and type of injury, associated symptoms may be mild or severe. A person’s neurological and functional mobility may be impaired due to these injuries or illnesses. A physical therapist can work directly with a patient who wants to gain strength and more independence. Our clinic has been dedicated to helping alleviate pain, suffering, and discomfort for those in this community. We are always happy to share our treatment methods with potential patients to find out what may work best for them.

About Our Clinic

Advanced Spine & Wellness Center offers various services, including physical therapy in Rockville, Maryland, that residents turn to when injured. Our wellness team offers physical therapy services to treat several sports and orthopedic injuries. If you’re suffering from pain, call us today to schedule an appointment. If you are considering physical therapy following spinal or other types of surgery, we may be able to help. Our wellness team understands the complex challenges that those suffering from injuries face. We work with patients of all ages with chronic or acute conditions. Our facility aspires to be a place our patients can come to for guidance and help live a healthier life. We have a few core values we try and stick to, which are:

  • Integrity;
  • Responsibility;
  • Humility;
  • Empathy; and
  • Love.

The owner of Advanced Body Wellness for Life, Pain Arthritis Relief Center, combines his passions for physical therapy and alternative medicine to help his patients have an open mind to healing. He is eager to apply his techniques to new patients and enjoys learning about inventive and progressive techniques. When looking into Maryland physical therapy in Rockville, Pain Arthritis Relief Center’s services and he may be the answer to your physical therapy needs. Pain Arthritis Relief Center provides physical therapy as well, is a creator of the well-known Advanced Wellness Systems program, and has worked with many different patients, all with various medical difficulties. He has developed many wellness programs which have helped his patients live a pain-free life which helps them to be more active and poised.

Sports and Orthopedic Medicine

Physical therapy can be very beneficial for people with sports and orthopedic injuries. Many patients enter physical rehabilitation after surgery to complete their recovery. For post-surgical MD physical therapy from Rockville, residents often call us for treatment. This is particularly common for those who undergo any of the following surgeries: 

  • Ligament or tendon repairs
  • Joint replacement
  • Spinal surgery

Spinal Treatments

Spinal pain and injuries can be very complex. Our experienced team of physical therapists are trained to recognize the connection between pain symptoms and their causes. They understand how to work with joints and soft tissue to increase and restore spinal movement. When working with spinal injuries, it is critical to recognize the importance of good posture. At our facility, we offer physical therapy in MD that citizens can trust. We believe in the concept of your body healing your own body. We can work with you by using alternative medicine and physical therapy to heal your injuries. Especially when it comes to spinal injuries, which can be very serious and life-threatening, one wrong move may make you immobile for an infinite amount of time, so choose a Rockville physical therapy clinic you can count on.

Posture Improvement

Pelvic pain and soft-tissue damage may limit pelvic movement and may be addressed with physical therapy. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we encourage patients to consider Maryland physical therapy for pain relief. Our physical therapists work closely with clients to improve their posture and take advantage of additional techniques to increase their quality of life. A positive side effect of physical therapy is how our staff can correct your posture by working with you to strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. This can reduce the strain on your spine, which can help restore your posture in the process. Our clinic can take care of all your posture needs.

Vocational or Industrial Rehabilitation

By combining strengthening and cardiovascular exercises, physical therapy might restore a client’s ability to fulfill the demands of their job. In some cases, it may significantly speed up the recovery process following surgery or an injury and may allow the client to return to work sooner than expected. Work-related injuries will likely benefit from physical therapy, which can reduce:

  • Lost wages from not being able to work full-time or at all
  • Lost productivity
  • Stress from the inability to return to work
  • Pain and discomfort from the injury
  • The need to change careers because of an injury
  • The time required to recover

Chronic Pain Relief

Many of our patients sought out Pain Arthritis Relief Center for chronic pain relief. Though the pain may be a symptom, chronic pain may also lead to additional issues, such as severe depression. Depression may adversely affect one’s personal or professional relationships. For optimum wellness, the cause of the pain and the pain itself must be addressed in tandem. We offer custom physical therapy treatments that address each client’s particular condition. At Advanced Spine & Wellness Center, we offer more than just physical therapy; we provide wellness solutions. We have been featured on TEDx, The Washington Post, abc7, and many other well-known media outlets. Our belief in which the body heals itself has helped us reach many people, and in return, our patients see life-changing results. Those who have had chronic knee pain can now run with no side effects, and those who have had lifelong migraines can now live an enjoyable, pain-free life. We do not limit ourselves when it comes to healing the body. We work with a variety of injuries including:

  • Sports-related injuries;
  • Work-related injuries;
  • Numbness;
  • Car accident victims; and
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.

 Along with other injuries, if you have experienced any of those listed above, stop by our clinic today. If you are interested in our techniques, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center today if you need MD physical therapy for pain relief.


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Physical Therapy for Knee Issues

There is nothing more frustrating than chronic pain. Folks who deal with knee pain will all agree that it affects most aspects of life and the discomfort often prevents them from enjoying activities they love. Since the knees tend to undergo tremendous amounts of stress throughout life, it is unlikely that the pain will go away without help from a professional. Life’s normal activities and any knee injury can lead to chronic issues, such as arthritis later in life. The course of treatment varies depending on the part of the injured knee and the extent of the injury. In general, physical therapy will be recommended; however, surgery may be the only option in some cases. The following information will answer some common questions regarding knee injury and potential courses of treatment. Parts of the Knee:

  • Ligaments: There are four major ligaments in the knee. The ligament’s job is to connect bone to bone and allow for flexing and bending movements required of the knee. Ligament injury most often occurs when someone lands incorrectly or a sudden twisting or directional change occurs. This explains why ligament injuries are common in sports. At the Advanced Spine & Wellness Center, we utilize physical therapy for many patients with ligament injuries.
  • Cartilage: Medial and lateral meniscus are tough, horseshoe-shaped pads in the knee that help absorb shock. The menisci are commonly injured in sports and are also prone to arthritis. Injury from sports can happen when the individual pivots or twists the knee in an awkward way. Arthritis can result from the natural deterioration of the cartilage as one ages. In the case of arthritis and aging, it is not uncommon for an individual to tear the compromised meniscus while engaging in an ordinary activity such as getting up from a chair.
  • Tendons: The tendon’s job in the knee is to connect bone to muscle. The patellar tendon connects the tibia (shinbone) to the quadriceps muscle by running across the patella (knee cap). This tendon helps facilitate movements such as running, kicking, and jumping. Many actions required in sports involve this tendon; therefore, injury can lead to patellar tendinitis.    

 Course of treatment:

  • Physical Therapy: Often prescribed as the primary treatment or part of the rehabilitation post-surgery. Physical therapy can be very effective in restoring strength and range of motion. The physical therapist will consult with the individual and conduct an initial assessment. They will then develop a treatment plan that works to build up the muscles around the knee. The treatment plan will likely include exercises that can be completed with the physical therapist as well as at home. 
  • Surgery- Some injuries, such as tears to a ligament or meniscus, may require surgery. The typical protocol is to see an orthopedic surgeon who will likely prescribe an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). The MRI provides a detailed image of the layers of the knee. In looking at the results of the MRI, the doctor will be able to determine the exact location of the injury and the extent of the damage. 


Ultrasound uses deep heating to treat areas impacted by tendonitis, sprains, and strains. A physical therapist administers the treatment by using a handheld wand and ultrasound machine. The wand is gently pressed on the skin and spun in slow circular sweeps around the area of injury. A small amount of gel is often used with the wand, so the ultrasound waves are transmitted into the muscles underneath.


Those who attend Rockville, MD, physical therapy sessions are likely to participate in some degree of exercise to increase mobility. In some cases, your physical therapist at Advanced Spine & Wellness Center will suggest you take home exercise instructions to practice at home too.


A physical therapist may use traction to help reduce pain and increase the neck, back, and spine mobility. A patient is strapped onto a mechanical machine where a vest supports the chest, and a second device wraps around the pelvis. To put it simply, cervical traction is applied to the patient through weight as they sit or lay down comfortably. A pneumatic pump is then used to provide a force of traction to the back and neck. In theory, this treatment can help separate joints and discs, which may decrease any undue pressure on the spine’s nerves.

Light Therapy

Light running at a specific wavelength is used to assist with the healing of damaged tissues. This treatment is often relatively short and usually lasts less than three minutes. A physical therapist may administer the treatment by holding a wand that emits the light directly over the injured area. Light therapy can support the body in wound healing, decrease inflammation, and reduce chronic pain. Ideally, what is happening is the light carries energy into the tissues and encourages cellular healing processes. A physical therapist at our clinic may use any combination of the above treatments, depending on your source of pain or impairment. We encourage anyone interested in trying physical therapy to contact us for a more in-depth consultation. Please do not sit idly by, hoping your pain and discomfort will go away on its own. Let us help. If you are dealing with knee pain, it is crucial to see a doctor. There are often many options other than tolerating discomfort. To learn more about our Rockville, MD, physical therapy sessions, call the Advanced Spine & Wellness Center.

How To Choose a Physical Therapist

Consider the Therapist’s Level of Experience

You trust your recovery journey to someone who has experience in the field of physical therapy. Look for a therapist who has treated patients with your specific condition. If you don’t know, don’t hesitate to ask. Ask your potential physical therapists about qualifications. If so, do they fit your specific requirements? The answers to these questions can help you make an informed decision. The Advanced Spine & Wellness Center staff have practiced for years and are prepared to help you with your needs.

Look at Location

You will probably have many appointments for physical therapy in Rockville, MD, as your treatment may take place for weeks or months. Consider location when you choose a therapist. It will make it easier to keep your appointments if you choose a facility close to home or work. On the other hand, if you find a place where you feel comfortable and believe the services will benefit your recovery, it may be worth it to you to travel farther to receive treatment there.

Ask for References

You may have a family member, friend or coworker who has received physical therapy after surgery or an injury. Ask them if they recommend a particular therapist or facility. This tip is especially helpful if they needed treatment for reasons similar to yours. Not every state requires a physician’s referral to a physical therapy facility. However, even if you don’t need a referral, your doctors or healthcare providers can be an excellent resource. They may know which therapists are most compatible with your situation and which facilities are high quality.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

If you have a choice of facilities for physical therapy in Rockville, MD, you may need to check your insurance coverage. Some places may be out of your insurance network, and you could end up paying more. However, it may be worth it to you to visit an out-of-network facility if you believe it offers you the right level of care for your situation.

Assess Your Compatibility

The therapist you choose should make you feel comfortable during your treatment. You and your physical therapist work as a team to meet your goals. Find someone you can communicate with openly and who listens to your needs and wants. The staff at Advanced Spine & Wellness Center wants to offer you responsible and empathetic care during your journey to wellness.

FAQ: Common Questions About Physical Therapy

Seeking physical therapy in Rockville, MD, is a fairly common treatment for those injured suffering from pain. If you seek care from a doctor for an ailment, they may recommend that you seek treatment from a physical therapist before considering more invasive procedures as an option. Pain & Arthritis Relief Center offers a range of services to treat injuries and their symptoms. In addition to physical therapy, our team can administer a range of alternative medicines that are both effective and minimally invasive. There are questions you will require answers to regarding physical therapy. Having the answers can assist in understanding the process when determining whether physical therapy is right for you. 

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of physiotherapy designed to assist those suffering from chronic illness, pain, and injuries. Physical therapy can treat many conditions by relieving pain, increasing range of motion, and ultimately restoring the body’s functioning. Typically there are several modalities that physical therapy takes on, such as patient education, strengthening through exercise, and prevention of future injuries.

Is physical therapy covered under my insurance?

Coverage depends upon your insurance plan. While some insurance may allow for several physical therapy sessions, others may not, and you will need to pay out of pocket. It’s crucial that before you move forward with treatment that you first review your insurance policy and contact our office to discuss your options. If you do not have coverage, our team will work closely with you to offer payment options that make treatment as accessible as possible. 

How can I prepare for my first appointment?

It’s best to arrive at your first Rockville, MD physical therapy session 15 minutes early to complete any paperwork that may be required. Typically, a physical therapist will evaluate your condition in your first session by asking questions about your medical history, testing your strength, range of motion, and more. Once your physical therapist has understood your condition, they will then work with you to develop a treatment plan designed for your needs. 

What types of exercises will a physical therapist recommend, and how might they benefit me?

One critical course of treatment that a physical therapist will recommend are exercises to strengthen the body and support the healing process. These may include balance training, strength training, and progressive resistive exercise. However, in some cases physical therapy will be more than just exercises, physical therapists may also administer massage, joint mobilization, and more. 

Will I be required to conduct exercises at home? 

Typically yes- exercises will need to happen at home as well to make the most of treatments. Depending upon the injury, exercises will be recommended at home several times a week in addition to your regularly scheduled appointments. 

What happens if I don’t follow through with recommended home exercises?

If you do not follow through with treatment recommendations, you will lack the progress needed to achieve the best possible recovery.  The price of injuries and the pain associated with them can be significant. A person may experience impairments that can impact the overall quality of life, ability to make a living, and financial impact. Our team at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center is committed to their patients and is prepared to help customize treatment plans for their needs. We know that prospective patients are coming to us in need of treatment that will provide results, and we are here to help. Don’t delay another moment in seeking the treatment you deserve; for physical therapy in Rockville, Maryland, schedule a consultation as soon as possible. 

More FAQs About Physical Therapy

If you require physical therapy, you may have questions about treatments and how effective they are. Depending on what is ailing you, your treatment length and type may vary from someone else’s. PT is personal and customized to whatever your needs are. If you still have inquiries, here are some frequently asked questions about physical therapy that should clear up any confusion you may have.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy’s goal is to help people regain or keep their mobility. Injuries or surgeries are common reasons someone might need treatment to help them with pain and improve their physical condition. There are usually many clinics and doctor’s offices available in an area if you find yourself in need of therapy. To find a therapist, depending on your location, you may search online for physical therapy in Rockville, MD. The Pain & Arthritis Relief Center is an example of a pain management and physical therapy center. If you are in this area, consider reaching out to see how the center can help. Otherwise, research to see what options are near you. It is essential to find a place that is convenient and comfortable for you.

What Kinds of Treatment Are Available?

There are many types of PT treatments. It all depends on your condition, needs and situation. A therapist can assist you in determining what exercises and paths will best suit your body. Treatments can include aerobic activities, heat and cold therapy, floor exercises, stabilization and balance training, and weight training. Depending on your needs, electrotherapy or therapeutic ultrasounds may be options as well. Some centers may also offer treatments like acupuncture and dry needling that may be helpful to your condition. When considering physical therapy in Rockville, MD, think about what treatment types your clinic or doctor of choice offers.

How Often Should I Do Exercises?

How often you do exercises often depends on your therapy plan. While you may go into your treatment center two or three times a week, you often need to do daily stretches or other activities at home. The Pain & Arthritis Relief Center can give you guidance about how often you need to go in for therapy and how often you need to exercise at home. Home exercises can range from simple stretches to easy weight lifting. Because much of the equipment used at the clinic or office may not be available for the home, it is essential to find a way to keep up with treatment without expensive equipment. For example, if you do not have weights, you might substitute similarly weighted objects you have around your house. If you need help with pain management or other physical conditions, physical therapy in Rockville, MD, could be an option. These are some frequently asked questions concerning physical therapy and what it entails. This type of therapy is personal to each individual, so no two treatment plans look the same. If you have any further questions, consult with the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center. Physical Therapy Rockville MD Resources: What is PRP Therapy?

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“I have never met a group as kind and caring as this group. Each and every person knows your name, even if they don’t work with you. Each person takes the time to stop and say hi and ask how you are.” Kelsie K. Client Review