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Advanced Spine & Wellness Center offers a variety of services including physical therapy Rockville MD residents turn to when they are injured. Our wellness team offers physical therapy services to treat a number of sports and orthopedic injuries. If you’re suffering from pain, call us today to schedule an appointment.

If you are considering Rockville MD physical therapy following spinal or other types of surgery, we may be able to help. Our wellness team understands the difficult challenges that those suffering from injuries face. We work with patients of all ages with chronic or acute conditions.

Our facility is a physical therapy Rockville MD facility which aspires to be a place our patients can come to for guidance and help in how to live a healthier life. We have a few core values we try and stick to, which are:

  • Integrity;
  • Responsibility;
  • Humility;
  • Empathy; and
  • Love.

Andrew Bloch, the owner of Advanced Body Wellness for Life, combines his passions for physical therapy and alternative medicine to help his patients have an open mind to healing. He is very eager to apply his techniques to new patients and enjoys learning about inventive and progressive techniques. When looking into physical therapy Rockville MD offers Andrew Bloch’s services and he may be the answer to your physical therapy needs.

Dr. Brian Paris provides physical therapy in Rockville MD. He is a creator of the well-known Advanced Wellness Systems program, has worked with many different patients, all with a variety of medical difficulties. He has developed many wellness programs which have helped his patients live a pain-free life which helps them to be more active and poised.

Sports and Orthopedic Medicine

Physical therapy can be very beneficial for people with sports and orthopedic injuries. Many patients enter physical rehabilitation after surgery to complete their recovery. For post-surgical physical therapy Rockville MD residents often call us for treatment. This is particularly common for those who undergo any of the following surgeries:

  • Ligament or tendon repairs
  • Joint replacement
  • Spinal surgery

Spinal Treatments

Spinal pain and injuries can be very complex. Our experienced team of physical therapists are trained to recognize the connection between pain symptoms and their cause. They understand how to work with joints and soft-tissue in order to increase and restore spinal movement. When working with spinal injuries, it is key to recognize the importance of good posture.

At our facility, we offer physical therapy Rockville MD citizens can trust. We believe in the concept of your body healing your own body. We can work with you by using alternative medicine and physical therapy to heal your injuries. Especially when it comes to spinal injuries, which can be very serious and life-threatening. One wrong move may make you immobile for an infinite amount of time, so choose a Rockville physical therapy clinic you can count on.

Posture Improvement

Pelvic pain and soft-tissue damage may limit pelvic movement and may be addressed with physical therapy. At Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we encourage patients to consider physical therapy Rockville MD relies on for pain relief. Our physical therapists work closely with clients to improve their posture and take advantage of additional techniques that may increase their quality of life.

A positive side effect of physical therapy is how our staff can correct your posture by working with you to strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. This can reduce the strain on your spine which can help correct your posture in the process. Our clinic, which offers physical therapy Rockville MD citizens can trust, can take care of all your posture needs.

Vocational or Industrial Rehabilitation

By combining strengthening and cardiovascular exercises, physical therapy might restore a client’s ability to fulfill the demands of their job. In some cases, it may greatly speed up the recovery process following surgery or an injury, and may allow the client to return to work sooner than expected. Work-related injuries will likely benefit from physical therapy Rockville MD residents recommend. This may reduce:

  • Lost wages from not being able to work full-time or at all
  • Lost productivity
  • Stress from the inability to return to work
  • Pain and discomfort from the injury
  • The need to change careers because of an injury
  • The time required to recover
Chronic Pain Relief

Many of our patients sought out Pain Arthritis Relief Center for chronic pain relief. Though pain may be a symptom, chronic pain may also lead to additional issues, such as serious depression. Depression may adversely affect one’s personal or professional relationships. For optimum wellness, the cause of the pain and the pain itself must be addressed in tandem. We offer custom physical therapy treatments that address each client’s particular condition. At Advanced Spine & Wellness Center, we offer more than physical therapy in Rockville MD; we provide wellness solutions.

We have been featured on TEDx, The Washington Post, abc7, and many other well-known media outlets. Our belief in which the body heals itself has helped us reach many people, and in return, our patients are seeing life-changing results. Those who have had chronic knee pain can now run with no side effects, and those who have had lifelong migraines can now live an enjoyable, pain free life. We do not limit ourselves when it comes to healing the body. We work with a variety of injuries including:

  • Sports-related injuries;
  • Work-related injuries;
  • Numbness;
  • Car accident victims; and
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Along with other injuries, if you have experienced any of those listed above, stop by our clinic today. If you are interested in our techniques, call Pain Arthritis Relief Center today if you need physical therapy Rockville MD patients turn to for pain relief.

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