Sleep Apnea Management Bethesda, MD Sleep Apnea Management Bethesda, MD

Those who are suffering from sleep apnea may be looking for sleep apnea management Bethesda, MD offers from the Pain Arthritis Relief Center. You may not realize how serious sleep apnea can be, but it can cause quite a few problems that can lead to life-threatening conditions. Most people think that the worst thing that comes out of sleep apnea is the loud snoring; however, there are other dangerous and risky problems associated with sleep apnea. If you are interested in seeing how the chiropractors at our office can help you, please schedule your appointment with us now. 

More About Sleep Apnea

If you are suffering from sleep apnea and have looked into Bethesda, MD sleep apnea management, you may be wondering what is causing it and if there is anything you can do to treat it. Typically, we find that sleep apnea comes in three forms: 

  • Central
  • Mixed
  • Obstructive

Many people suffer from bouts of sleep apnea once or a few times in their life and this will not usually lead to long-term damage. A variety of factors can cause it and it may not be chronic. However, if you do suffer from chronic sleep apnea, this is when you should seek help from our chiropractic team for sleep apnea management in Bethesda, Maryland. 

Why not go the usual route?

You may be wondering why you should get sleep apnea management in Bethesda from a chiropractic office instead of going the typical route (using a CPAP machine). While it is true that a CPAP machine may be able to help with sleep apnea, many people find that it is bulky, obtrusive, and uncomfortable when it comes to sleep. Further, the CPAP machine will not help to determine why you are suffering from sleep apnea in the first place. It is a bandaid on the problem. Instead of simply treating the symptoms of your sleep apnea, why not attempt to treat what is actually causing you to have sleep apnea? 

Chiropractic techniques can help to fix the problems that are causing you to have breathing issues and we use a variety of adjustments, massages, and breathing techniques to help you. 

You are just a phone call away from getting better sleep. If you are interested in seeing how the Pain Arthritis Relief Center can help you with sleep apnea management in Bethesda, Maryland, contact our office now.