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Neck pain is often induced by misalignment and weakening of the spine and posture. Everyday activities like computer use and driving can cause this postural misalignment. But there is relief. We can help eliminate your neck pain!

If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland and need neck injury treatment, you’ve come to the right place! Pain Arthritis Relief Center, located in Rockville, offers chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, and more.

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Neck Injuries & Pain

Neck injuries are very serious and should be treated right away. Symptoms of neck injury (besides neck discomfort and pain) include:

  • Headaches and pain at the base of the skull
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Spinal pain

Cervical spine pain isn’t only felt in the neck. In some cases, pain can be felt at the base of the skull, in the shoulder blade region and upper back. The different bones (vertebra) in your neck are referred to as levels – there are seven of them, shown in the figure below. These bones are connected by muscles, ligaments and spinal discs. Injury to the different levels can cause pain in different regions.

Figure 2. The different colors show the area where pain will be felt from different cervical joint injuries.

Abnormal neck curves can stretch and irritate the neck joints which may cause neck pain. Only spinal X-rays can show a chiropractor what the state of your neck curve is.

Figure 3. Abnormal neck curves (which can be revealed in an X-ray) can stretch and irritate the neck joints which may cause neck pain. Below are normal neck curves viewed from the side. By studying the abnormal neck curve, we can determine where the neck pain originated.

Neck Pain Treatment for Cervicogenic Pain

Cervicogenic pain affects a large part of the population, and while it is most prevalent in those with abnormal postures and disc degeneration, cervical pain can affect anyone.

Contrary to popular belief, on average, cervicogenic pain does not improve without treatment; once a person has experienced this type of pain, the odds are they will experience it again. Therefore, the cause of it should be determined and analyzed.

Safe Neck Pain Treatment

Find the best neck pain treatment in chiropractic here in Rockville, Maryland! Many people choose chiropractic as an alternative to surgery – it is drug-free, effective neck pain treatment.

Every day, people from all over Montgomery County leave our office healthier and pain free. Contact our neck pain specialists today!

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“A few months ago I re-injured my back and came into the clinic in a wheelchair. Today, about 3 months later, I just finished a 3 mile run. That alone should tell my experience. “
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