Physical therapy Gaithersburg MD

Physical Therapy Gaithersburg MD

If you suffered an injury, you might benefit from physical therapy Gaithersburg MD residents trust. Physical therapy is a type of care that focuses on reducing pain and improving mobility through various exercises and movements. Here are some common myths about physical therapy that you should be aware of.

Physical Therapy Is Painful

When you’re dealing with an injury, you might think that performing various exercises during physical therapy will increase your pain. Luckily, this isn’t the case. A reputable physical therapist is trained on how to decrease your pain, not make it worse. He or she won’t have you do any movements that you can’t comfortable handle. However, if you do feel too much discomfort, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Physical Therapists Only Need Certifications

Many people still underestimate the education and training physical therapists have to go through before they can practice in their field. They need about seven years of schooling and several years of hands-on clinical experience. These healthcare professionals also have to pass a national board exam to obtain a license to treat patients.

Surgery Is a Better Option

Surgery is sometimes necessary and can improve your quality of life, but it should be used as a last resort. Surgery comes with risks, especially if it’s performed under general anesthesia. Physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD is non-invasive, so you can treat your ailment without putting yourself at risk of complications.

Physical Therapists Only Treat Injuries

It’s true that physical therapists treat many patients who have suffered injuries from sports, car accidents and other events. However, injuries are just a fraction of what they treat. Physical therapists are also trained to treat headaches, chronic pain, balance issues and other conditions.

You Need a Referral to See a Physical Therapist

Another common misconception about physical therapy is that you need a referral from your physician. The truth is, however, that you don’t need any type of referral. You can make an appointment directly with a physical therapist.

Physical Therapy Isn’t Covered By Insurance 

Many health insurance companies nowadays are recognizing the benefits of physical therapy and including it in their policies. Insurers are realizing that physical therapy is much more affordable than surgery.

What You Should Know About Physical Therapy

If you are planning to participate in physical therapy sessions after a surgery, injury, or illness, you might want to know more about what this type of treatment is. Many people are recommended physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD when their physical ability to function has in some way been hindered. At the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, we can review your symptoms and help you to determine what method of treatment is best suited to your needs. For a consultation, call our clinic today. We will be happy to schedule an appointment, while adhering to the necessary precautions related to COVID-19. 

How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Mobility

When you attend physical therapy sessions, you will be guided by a trained physical therapist who will help you with different exercises. A physical therapist wants you to move better, and with less pain. He or she might schedule a session at an outpatient clinic, like the Pain Arthritis Relief Center, an inpatient setting, orthopedic clinic, nursing home, or other facility. The exercise prescribed to you is specific to your condition. They are integral to your program and should be performed at home too. 

Am I Only Going to Exercise?

Depending on what you are being treated for, you may be prescribed different exercises, as well as joint mobilization, massage, hydrotherapy, and electrical stimulation. In general, most physical therapy will include exercises, as well as passive treatment. Your doctor will talk to you about what is right for you when you come to our clinic for physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD. 

Types of Physical Therapy Exercises 

Some of the most common exercises that may be included in your physical therapy treatment sessions are:

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Exercises to improve your balance
  • Exercises to improve your mobility
  • Exercises to reduce dizziness or the symptoms of vertigo

We might also include tools like:

  • Therapy balls
  • Treadmills
  • Bicycles
  • Foam rollers
  • Free weights
  • Resistance bands
  • Straps
  • + More

Each session may be different. Sometimes you may be asked to stand or walk. Other times, you may be seated. It is possible to engage in physical therapy exercises with a person who is bedridden, in a wheelchair, or who is physically disabled. The beauty of physical therapy goes beyond its effectiveness, in that it is useful for all types of injuries, accidents, and ailments. 

Are You Ready to Schedule an Appointment for Physical Therapy?

If you believe your physical mobility or function is being hindered, you should talk with a doctor about whether or not physical therapy sessions are right for you. Many people will find these sessions beneficial. They may also prevent you from having to undergo surgery or other invasive procedures. You might also avoid taking addictive painkillers and other medicines that can be harmful to the body. Call the Pain Arthritis Relief Center to explore our pain relieving options, including physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD. 

Preparing for Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

If your first physical therapy appointment is coming up, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and arrive a few minutes early so that you can fill out information about your medical history. It’s also a wise idea to write a list of questions for your physical therapist, such as long your treatment will take and if there’s any lifestyle changes you should make.

If you’re struggling with an injury, try physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD. Contact the Pain Arthritis Relief Center today.


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“Doctor Tony did an amazing job and within my first week, I felt immensely better than the first day. The treatment took about 5-6 weeks and I am more than grateful to Doctor Tony and the Pain Arthritis Relief center staff.”
Adrian K.
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