Physical therapy Gaithersburg MD

Physical Therapy Gaithersburg MD
Physical therapy Gaithersburg MD offers can treat several injuries and conditions, and improve your quality of life. At the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, we understand the pain and discomfort you are going through and want to help you get better. Whether you have a sports injury or chronic health condition, physical therapy may benefit you.

How Does Physical Therapy Treat Pain?

The great thing about physical therapy in Gaithersburg MD is that it doesn’t just treat the pain; it also treats the source. Your physical therapy may look to other areas of your body that could be contributing to your pain and discomfort. Here are some things you might do at physical therapy Gaithersburg MD trusts to improve your pain:

  • Strengthening Exercises: Your physical therapist may have you perform several strength training exercises, like lunges, squats and push-ups, to increase strength in your major muscle groups.
  • Stretching: Stretching is gentle and can help increase flexibility in your joints, decreasing pain.
  • Low-impact Aerobic Training: An aerobic workout, like walking on a treadmill, warms up your heart rate and makes it easier for you to complete strengthening exercises.
  • Heat and Ice Packs: Heat warms up your muscles while ice reduces inflammation. Your physical therapist may use both to ease your pain.
  • Massage: Physical therapy Gaithersburg MD respects may also involve massage. However, this type of massage likely won’t feel relaxing. If your physical therapist massages an injured or sore area, it might feel a little uncomfortable at first. Your physical therapist can make sure it’s safe for you and may relieve your pain in the long run.

Using Physical Therapy to Treat Lower Back Pain

You should know that it’s possible to make an appointment for the kind of physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD prefers for lower back pain with the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center.

Lower back pain is extremely common in America. Over 80 percent of individuals have been documented to either to have experienced a previous spasm or flare-up, or to currently be suffering with lower back pain.

Lower back pain is extremely common after car accidents and workplace injuries — for example, after sitting in a chair for long periods of time, or a slip and fall accident. Sometimes, lower back pain simply comes with normal wear and tear. All of this can lead to the need for physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD residents trust.

When you come in to discuss your lower back pain with a chiropractor from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, you’ll find that it tends to occur predominantly from the lowermost portion of the thoracic spine (i.e., your mid-back), all the way to the top of your sacrum (the beginning of your tailbone). There are five lumbar vertebrae that stack up together to form your lower back; what usually happens to people with lower back pain is that the individual joints on either side of the spine fail to move properly. This lack of motion leads to tension, which causes spasms to develop in the surrounding muscles. Those muscles have to work and pull harder to get you to move in the way you are used to moving, which leads to increased inflammation and pain.

Gaithersburg Physical Therapy Treatments

So if your joints and muscles are tight and restricted, the goal with physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD patients choose is to loosen those joints and get them moving normally as quickly as possible. This reduces the high degree of pressure and inflammation on the joints and muscles surrounding the area, and in turn will reduce the amount of pain you’re experiencing.

Chiropractors performing physical therapy in Gaithersburg, MD will typically find the segment that seems the tightest and will mobilize, manipulate, or adjust that area in whichever way seems most fitting for the patient. This will reduce the inflammation and pain quite quickly. Other times, the physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD chiropractors employ means massaging and moving the lower back around in order to fix the pain. Chiropractors will also often advise using ice and stretches to speed up the healing process. This will cool down the area and generally take away a lot of the discomfort and pain. Ice to the lower back can be quite helpful with most people, and doing it for only fifteen minutes a day can help tremendously in ridding you of lower back pain.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

By adjusting your back and neck, a chiropractor can help reduce pressure on the nerves throughout your spine and reduce your pain. It is not uncommon for our patients to report better recovery after visiting a chiropractor than if they were to undergo surgery or use medication. Though physical therapy may not be for everyone, you might find it’s an excellent choice to treat any underlying issues you have. Be sure to contact us at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center to schedule an appointment for some of the most effective physical therapy Gaithersburg, MD patients can find.

What Happens During the First Physical Therapy Appointment?

When your physical therapist first meets with you, he or she may carefully review your medical history and evaluate the area that’s in pain. Your physical therapist may then assess the severity of the injury or sore area and determine the appropriate treatment. He or she may also decide to run tests to rule out certain conditions. If your physical therapist recommends exercises to do at home, don’t forget to write down the instructions. If you ever have any questions or concerns during your appointment, do not hesitate to bring them up to your physical therapist.

It’s important to be dressed properly for physical therapy Gaithersburg MD counts on. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid dresses, suits and skirts. If you have pain in your hip, knee or ankle, wearing shorts to your first appointment may be a good idea. If you have long hair and a neck problem, you may want to bring a ponytail holder to Gaithersburg MD physical therapy.

You may not have to live with chronic pain for the rest of your life. If you work with a skilled physical therapist and follow his or her instructions, you have a good chance of healing and getting on with your life. If you are interested in physical therapy Gaithersburg MD holds in high regard, give the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center a call at (301) 710-9777.