Chiropractors Can Do – So Much!


When people hear the word “chiropractor” they immediately think of back pain – and chiropractors are definitely experts in helping with that difficult and painful condition. However, chiropractors can and do, benefit people with many other issues besides back

3 Common Questions About Chiropractic


If you’re thinking about testing the waters of chiropractic care, you’re not alone. Many people consider chiropractic care when other avenues of pain recovery have failed or when pain simply persists, as it does in chronic conditions. Chiropractic can

Health Insurance and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a legitimate treatment for those who suffer from persistent pain. Many people use it before moving onto more complicated treatments, like procedures and medications, or as a last resort when all other treatments have failed. Back pain affects

First Chiropractic Visit: Expectation and Preparation

Chiropractors are trained primarily in treating conditions of the musculoskeletal and/or neurological system. They use a noninvasive, manual approach to relieving pain and treating the underlying symptoms. If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you should know what to

Top Ten Natural Ways To Remove Pain

Constantly feeling pain is no way to live and can have serious debilitating effects on your everyday life. Whether your pain has just come on or you have lived with it for years, there are certain things you can do

When to get in touch with an arthritis doctor near you

If you are suffering from pain in your joints, you might have arthritis and need to see an arthritis doctor. It’s better not to put off getting medical help as your symptoms could get worse over time. With arthritis, many

When to get in touch with a knee doctor near you and how they can help

Knee pain is a frequently occurring problem in the US, with the overall prevalence approximately 19% of the population. Yet just because this number is high, doesn’t mean you should live with the pain if you suffer from it. Don’t

What is joint pain and how you can help relieve your symptoms

According to the CDC, chronic joint pain caused by problems such as arthritis affect one in four US adults (roughly 15 million people) each year. While this many people suffer, many don’t actually know what is causing this joint pain

Spinal mobilization chiropractor Rockville, MD

Spinal mobilization chiropractor Rockville, MD

At the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, a spinal mobilization chiropractor Rockville, MD patients trust is happy to talk with people about the many benefits of receiving care at our clinic. We always tailor a

How Chiropractic Care Works

The study of chiropractic care has shown that it can reduce consistent pain, usually in the back or neck, improve muscle balance and stability, increase joint mobility and strengthen the immune system. Almost anyone can see a chiropractor, from people