Managing Medical Issues Through Couples Counseling

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Suffering from a medical illness can be an incredible challenge. A person who has been diagnosed with a medical illness stands to experience a series of emotions. In addition to some of the symptoms from medical illness, a person’s mental health can certainly take a toll. While a person processes a significant diagnosis, one unintended consequence may be the stress that a relationship may take as a result. It’s not uncommon for couples contending with a medical diagnosis to experience relational strain, which is why a number of couples may choose help from a couples therapist. 

Life Altering Medical Diagnosis

Medical diagnosis can range from chronic illness to diseases that are life threatening. It’s important to acknowledge that all people may deal with illness differently. A medical diagnosis can result in a range of emotions. While the person diagnosed may be significantly impacted, their significant other may be experiencing challenges as well. Whether you are contending with medical treatments or determining how to live day to day, it can be difficult to make sense of the feelings you may be facing. This is a primary reason couples choose a therapist. With their assistance and experience, couples therapists with experience in medical issues can assist couples in processing their feelings and sorting through the road that lies ahead. 

Making Medical Decisions

Serious medical diagnosis are likely to call for the need to make serious medical decisions. While one person may be facing physical challenges, the condition affects the couple as a whole. While ultimately medical care will be your decision, your partner will certainly want to have a say in next steps. In some cases, you and your partner may find one another at odds over next steps. Whether you are determining whether to access treatment, currently enduring treatment and the side effects to follow, or some other issue, relationships can certainly be impacted. Couples counseling, like couples counseling in Palatine, IL, can help keep the lines of communication open, help to process emotions, discuss differences of opinion, and the counselor will act as an objective party during the problem-solving process. 

Couples Therapists Can Help

The last thing on your mind when enduring a medical condition may be the impact a diagnosis could have on your relationship. Unfortunately, a medical diagnosis stands to take a serious toll on both you and your partner. When overcome with the fear of what lies ahead, you and your partner may need support from a couples therapist who has experience in assisting couples in navigating this complicated process. A couples therapist can help couples to navigate the emotions and decisions that will need to be made while providing them with the coping strategies needed to deal with the pain, anxiety, and anger that couples may be facing. 

Sometimes, no matter how strong the relationship, facing a life-altering diagnosis can have a lasting impact on a relationship. The news can be devastating for couples. Amidst the stress of treatments and medical decisions, a couple’s relationship may suffer. During a time when you need to rely on your partner, you may find yourself at odds. Couples counselors with experience in supporting clients who are dealing with medical issues can be beneficial to helping couples to keep the lines of communication open. For more information, contact a couples counselor for medical issues in your area as soon as possible. 



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3 Fundamental Elements Where Couples Therapy Can Help

Couples often feel that the problems in their relationships are unique. However, chances are an experienced therapist has seen similar issues in other couples, come up with solutions and gauged the results. Relationships can suffer from poor communication, broken trust and damaging behavior, and this is where counseling can help.

1. Communication

Therapy provides a safe place outside the home where a couple can discuss issues that might otherwise be too difficult to broach. Couples generally need to feel confident while talking about feelings without fearing judgment. When each partner trusts that the other will actively listen, they each begin to feel valued and that their words are worth saying.

Therapists teach couples active listening and how to process what their partner is saying instead of reacting to the words. Couples can discover positive communication techniques and identify negative phrases often used in a conflict. They can then work to avoid using hurtful words and learn not to react.

2. Trust

The inability to trust one another can undermine any relationship. However, if there has been a breach of trust, it can be rebuilt over time. Often, addressing the issue that damaged the trust in a partnership can uncover more fundamental problems, such as mental/emotional disorders and past traumas.

If one partner has undergone trust issues in a past relationship, those experiences can return to haunt the current one. A therapist can help that partner unearth the cause of the mistrust and give them tools that may help separate the past from the present. Discussing internal difficulties with trust can also foster a sense of understanding and sympathy and strengthen faith in the relationship.

Sometimes, the cause for mistrust in a couple results from an incident in their relationship. Counseling can open the doors for discussion of both parties’ feelings and lead them to avenues that might rebuild the trust.

3. Damage Control

Most often, couples seek counseling after fighting over an unhealthy behavior, such as addiction or an affair. A therapist can help each individual identify past events that have led to unhealthy coping skills. When a couple explores what happened and why to build the bigger picture together, they can often find new ways to trust and rebuild the relationship.

Therapy can help a couple redevelop a strong feeling of love, trust and willingness to work together, thus eliminating the need to “act out.” A partnership can also learn to identify triggers and work together to avoid them or deal with them in healthier ways.

Couples therapy can improve almost any partnership if they are committed to spending time and doing the work. The right therapist, like a couples therapist in Palatine, IL, may also save your relationship if you start today.

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