Suffering With Fibromyalgia Pain? Get Real Relief Without Drugs

If you’re suffering from Fibromyalgia, or suspect you are, there’s nothing worse than the endless assault of pain that it brings.

And if you’ve seen your doctor, only to be told that “there’s nothing wrong that we can find,” or “you shouldn’t expect any relief without side effects, so you better learn to cope with them.”

Then you know how utterly worthless “mainstream” medicine’s answers are for relieving you of your Fibromyalgia pain.

You either get shoved out the door with a cookie-cutter diagnosis on a sheet of paper telling you to drink more water… eat more healthy food… get more exercise… and sleep 8 hours a night.

Oh, and don’t forget to pay your deductible on the way out…

See, the problem is, most doctors don’t believe there’s really anything wrong with you when you describe your symptoms.

That’s because your Fibromyalgia pain can be so widespread, and the symptoms so general.

What’s more, the general tests your doctor may give you aren’t designed to look for or diagnose Fibromyalgia. So it’s never on their “radar” as a potential culprit for your symptoms.

On the off chance your doctor does believe you, and admits you may have Fibromyalgia…

They’re all too quick to scribble out a prescription for pain killers to “solve” your troubles.

But here’s the trouble with painkillers:

If you’re like a lot of Fibromyalgia sufferers, the pills don’t even work!

Or if they do, it’s only to dull the pain a little, never to make it go away.

Plus, you’re left to deal with side effects like:

Dizziness, spiked blood pressure, mood swings, trouble sleeping, increased weight gain, blackouts, and a whole host of other nasty issues…

And as even the very limited help these drugs provide starts to fade, you need to take more and more to get even a ripple of relief.

This taxes your organs and can cause serious damage, and a cascade of health issues that make Fibromyalgia seem like a walk in the park.

I know this all sounds terrible… but I do actually have good news for you…

You CAN get real, lasting relief from your Fibromyalgia pain – without drugs or pain pills.

In fact, there are only three simple steps needed for you to find the relief you’re searching for.

There are some important nuances to each step that would take too long to explain in a simple blog post like this one.

But I want you to get real relief from your Fibromyalgia as soon as possible. So here’s what I’ve done.

I wrote out every detail of each step, in simple, easy to understand language.Fibromyalgia

Then compiled all the steps into a FREE REPORT that I’d like to give you.

It takes only 10-15 minutes to read, and once you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to get relief from your Fibromyalgia – starting today!

All without drugs or dangerous, addictive painkillers.

There’s no reason to continue suffering with Fibromyalgia pain any longer.

Just reading the report will put you on the fast-track to relief.

For instant access to your FREE REPORT, simply click here.

Does Numbness And Tingling Mean Deeper Health Threats?

If you have numbness and tingling in your arms, legs, hands or feet, do NOT ignore it.

Most folks chalk up their symptoms to sleeping limbs, a small injury they don’t remember getting, or just something that will go away by itself.

Do NOT fall into this trap.

There are actually two broad categories of health problems associated with numbness and tingling. And each category has many possible root causes.

You see, it’s not enough to just solve your numbness and tingling, and that’s why you must find out the underlying cause and remedy it – or else it will find other ways to wreak havoc on your health.

Once you know which category your symptoms fall under, and the underlying root cause, you can begin to map out a plan to treat it.

Pills, cookie cutter programs, and surgery should be the last thing you think about.

They rarely work, because their aim – in fact the aim of most of modern medicine’s “cures” – is only to treat your current set of symptoms, not the root cause.

But as you already know, unless the underlying cause of your numbness and tingling is solved, new symptoms will show up.

Instead of chasing the next batch of symptoms, you need to look at alternative therapies and solutions to treat the deeper health issue once and for all.

There are many alternative therapies available to you if you need them.

The first step is to find out IF your numbness and tingling may be the sign of a deeper health issue.

To help you find out, I’ve written a SPECIAL REPORT that I’d like to give you FREE today.Numbness and Tingling

This report covers topics such as:

  • The two broad categories of numbness and tingling…
  • How to quickly and easily know which category you fall under – if any…
  • The deeper health risks that cause numbness and tingling…
  • How to get a proper diagnosis of your unique health situation…
  • Some of the highly effective alternative therapies for treating the underlying causes of numbness and tingling…
  • How to ensure you find the right type of doctor to treat you…
  • And much more…

To get a copy of this FREE REPORT and find out once and for all if your numbness and tingling could be the sign of larger, hidden health risks…

Simply click this link and let me know where you like me to send it.

If you have any questions about your numbness and tingling that you’d like answered immediately, simply call our office at 240-205-7266 and a team member will be happy to help you.

Chiropractic Care and Personal Injury Claims

When an injured person files a personal injury claim, necessary medical costs and other expenses are typically included in the damage award. As one of most common types of treatments after an accident, chiropractic care is often part of the damage claim.
A majority of injuries are related to musculoskeletal conditions such as:
• Whiplash
• Cervical injuries
• Thoracic injuries
• Lumbar strains/sprains
Chiropractic treatments can specifically treat soft tissue injuries including the types listed above. It has been medically proven to be especially effective as such.
Yet, choosing to be treated by a chiropractor does not always result in automatically receiving compensation through a claim for those treatments. For one thing, not all insurance plans recognize that chiropractic care qualifies for reimbursement.
Proving Medical Expenses Were Reasonably Necessary
When an injured person files an accident claim, the negligent party is usually responsible for paying all reasonable and necessary medical expenses that were accident-related. Proof of damages requires submitting all medical and treatment receipts or invoices that were incurred from caring for the injury.
However, receiving treatment, including chiropractic care, does not mean the insurance company or jury (in a lawsuit) will agree that the treatment was necessary. is vague or inconclusive could be denied as not reasonably necessary.
In highly contested cases, it is often crucial to hire an expert witness who can testify to the efficacy of that type of medical treatment for the person’s injuries. In response, the defendant can also hire an expert witness who will contradict the other expert’s testimony.
Ultimately, the jury will decide how much of the chiropractic expenses were reasonably necessary. Even though the jury might be skeptical about the necessity of receiving treatment from a chiropractor, these expenses cannot be prohibited based on the argument that the treatments were not valid medical expenses.
Still, the jury might be persuaded that some of the treatment from a chiropractor was necessary. If so, the defendant would only pay a portion of the total bill, which can be substantially high after several months.
Settling Chiropractic Expenses with Insurers
A majority of personal injury cases are settled before being brought to a jury. Many times, the defendant’s insurance company is willing to negotiate a reasonable settlement. However, this is not always the case.
If full recovery is expected but the plaintiff is still receiving treatment, settling might not be the best thing. The chiropractor may require more treatments so the patient can reach the maximum potential for recovery.
In this type of situation, mounting chiropractic bills and the uncertainty of whether or not the bills will be paid becomes concerning for the accident victim. In this scenario, it may be in your best interest to meet with a personal injury lawyer who can help you decide on the best course of action.