Gut Health Promotes Good Health

Gut Health Promotes Good Health

Did you know your digestive system contains about 80 percent of your immune system? Your gut has so much influence over your health because of the 100 trillion bacteria, about three pounds worth, that line your digestive tract. This is an extremely complex living system that aggressively protects your body from outside offenders on a daily basis.

Having the correct ratio of beneficial bacteria, or flora, to pathogenic bacteria is what keeps us healthy and from getting sick. More and more studies are being published about the important roles gut flora plays in maintaining overall health. The great news is the amount of influence each person has in this area. Processed foods high in sugar and chemical additives, stress, pollution, toxins, and antibiotics are all things that kill off the good bacteria. Every course of antibiotics tends to wipe out the majority beneficial or good bacteria which gives an opportunity for the pathogenic bacteria that causes illness to grow uncontrolled and occupy new areas of your gut. The good bacteria will recover but depending on the species it can take two weeks to two months to fully regrow. “Reseeding” your gut with fermented foods and probiotics if you have to take an antibiotic, may be one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health.

The ideal balance of beneficial to pathogenic bacteria in your gut is about 85 percent good bacteria and 15 percent bad. Again, this can be achieved from taking a probiotic supplement and/or eating fermented foods. Every traditional culture, even going back to the Romans, has fermented foods that were part of the regular diet. Some traditionally fermented foods you can try are:

  • Natto
  • Miso
  • Kimchee
  • Tempeh
  • Kefir
  • Yogurt
  • Olives
  • Sauerkraut
  • Pickles

If you eat a diet rich in fermented foods that have not been pasteurized (this will kill the probiotics), then you will enjoy great digestive health and you may not need any supplement. If these foods do not appeal to you, you are traveling, undergo a stressful situation, or just prefer taking a supplement, a probiotic supplement will also give you the same benefits. To insure you have a high-quality probiotic supplement you should look for the following: a list of specific bacteria strains, a high potency shown by an independent lab test, dairy, soy, wheat and corn-free, vegetable-based capsules, stable at room temperature, and contains at least 10 billion colony-forming units.

If you have digestive problems or irregularities, you have taken antibiotics, you get sick more often than those around you, or you just want to improve your health adding some type of probiotic is a vital step. Having good digestive health promotes overall health and wellness throughout your body. Remember you have a great amount of influence on your digestive health, so do something to improve it today! Work with an experienced medical professional such as the Wellness Doctor Englewood CO locals turn to!

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Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Whiplash is no joke. It often occurs in car accidents where the person is rear-ended, leading to a quick and extreme forward and backward motion of the neck and head. This leads to extreme mechanical stress to the cervical spine. While some people have symptoms that disappear in a couple of days, many may face chronic physical, emotional, and cognitive issues that can be complex and hard to diagnose.

The whiplash symptoms vary, and can take from a few hours to days to appear. This includes: neck pain, neck stiffness, headache, shoulder and upper back pain, damage to the neck’s spinal nerve roots, and more. These symptoms may also come with dizziness, vision problems, emotional stress, ringing in ears, fatigue, as well as difficulty with sleeping, concentrating, speaking, or swallowing. Decreased physical and mental abilities, even if they are short-term issues, can also lead to social isolation.

As these symptoms can get worse with time, you would benefit from getting care if you were recently in an automobile accident. However, forty-three percent of patients will suffer these chronic symptoms after a whiplash injury, which conventional treatment has not been proven effective for. Fortunately, chiropractic care is a great way to treat whiplash. A retrospective study shows that chiropractic treatment can benefit over 90% of patients with chronic whiplash injuries. This treatment may include a combination of the following: manipulation, muscle relaxation or stimulation, exercise and ergonomic and lifestyle changes.

Chiropractic adjustment involves controlled movement to allow injured tissues to heal better and more quickly. It also improves fluid exchanges of the disc and synovial fluid, which decreases pain and joint degeneration. It will not only reduce your pain, but it will also remove blockages that hinder your body from healing itself naturally, through controlled mobilization of your musculoskeletal soft-tissue injuries.

The ultimate goal of chiropractic care is to restore your ability to do your daily activities, including at work, home, and recreationally, with minimal pain. This rehabilitative aspect helps you restore your confidence to go about your day and do things that you enjoy with ease. In addition to spinal manipulation and muscle stimulation, chiropractors can also suggest exercises, stretches, and methods of stress reduction that are tailored to your individual needs.

There is no need to suffer needlessly from your automobile accident, and chiropractic is a worthwhile method of treatment. This safe and natural form of healthcare can make a difference by helping you decrease your pain, restoring your range of motion, and enabling you to do the things that matter to you in life. Work with an experienced professional such as the Brooklyn NY Chiropractor.

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