NY Yankees Trust PRP To Treat Tendonitis

According to ESPN, the New York Yankees are turning to PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) to treat their star pitcher’s tendonitis and get him back on the field fast.

Pitcher Aroldis Chapman has been fighting through tendonitis of his knee for most …

Spinal Disc Health

With over 80% of the population suffering from back pain at some point, being proactive in taking care of your back is critical to your health. Many people do proactive, preventative things they do for their heart health or skin

Myth, Fear, and Conjecture- The Real Story Behind Chiropractic Care and Stroke Risk

Sometimes there’s just no way to stop a runaway train, which is what it is like when hot button issues hit the headlines. Through the years the idea that chiropractic manipulations (or adjustments as many call them) can cause a

How to Use Your Body to Prevent Injuries on Moving Day

Those who have moved before, probably understand just how much squatting, lifting, pulling and pushing is involved. Any person who has tried to squeeze their couch or kitchen appliance through the front door, also likely knows how frustrating things can