Common Joint Injuries for Car Accident Victims

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Association Report in 2014, some 2.4 million recorded road accident injuries occurred.

What are common joint injuries?

A common joint injury is any physical injury that happens at the spot of connection between …

3 Secrets to Training & Recovery

We have been compiling some of the best tips to become a better athlete.  Some of these ideas might be new to you but we want you to check them out.  Email us or send us a video on Instagram

3 Ways to Gain More Energy

“I’m So Exhausted” — We hear it all the time.
Having no pain is great, but if we don’t have energy to be able to do any of the activity we want to do, that can be just as bad.

What Diet should I Choose?

Adkins Diet. Paleo. Macro.  Beer Diet (that’s a real diet).  Cookie Diet.  Zone Diet.

The list goes on.  Which one should I choose?
Before we add our list of resources and various diet plans, we’re going to set the foundation

Changing your Low Back

“My Back is Killing Me”

You know that coworker that always complains they are tired or their low back is killing them?  What’s the problem?
There are two powerful factors that are often overlooked.

1)  When you’re describing your pain,

The Importance of Nutrition

People know they have to exercise and change their posture, but what is a hidden factor for low back pain?
Your Nutrition.  How is that possible?
Inflammation to your digestive organs can cause low back pain.  When your gut is

How to Eliminate Low Back Pain

Have you ever gotten out of bed and felt that nagging low back pain?

What really causes low back pain?
Muscular/skeletal issues and/or sitting too long.
1) Domino Effect– Hips get tight.  Low back moves too much.  Joints do