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Changing your Low Back

“My Back is Killing Me”

You know that coworker that always complains they are tired or their low back is killing them?  What’s the problem?
There are two powerful factors that are often overlooked.

1)  When you’re describing your pain, change your language regarding pain

Words are powerful.  What are you struggling with?  Take the survey and let us know how we can better assist you.  If you have a specific question, feel free to email us.

2) The difference between Chronic and Acute Pain

When you’re in pain, all you want is for it to end, and if possible, immediately.  But while you’re in pain you have to first find out: what in the world is this pain?  And is it good for me?
Acute pain is actually a good thing for a body because it’s telling us we have to do something.  Without acute pain, you wouldn’t stop when a serious injury occurs.
Chronic pain is something we have to break.
Having chronic pain creates a vicious cycle that can cause postural problems.