DeBunking Myths About Occupational Therapists


Occupational therapists (OTs) are health professionals who can benefit patients of various ages through a holistic approach to wellness. Many people may not fully understand what an occupational therapist does. When first hearing the term “occupational therapist”, a person

The Benefits of Exercise for Knees and Hips

Knee Pain

Health professionals often recommend exercise as an effective treatment for knee and hip problems. For those who suffer from knee and hip pain, it can be difficult to do daily activities let alone exercise. So why do health

Attorney Explains Knee Replacement Medical Malpractice

Knee Pain Doctor Gaithersburg, MD

Orthopedic surgeons offer relief for injuries and chronic diseases of the muscles, bones and joints. When you suffer complications from care or experience a worsening of symptoms you may be eligible for a malpractice case