Reducing Injury Risk In Youth Sports: 5 Questions To Ask

Sports injuryIt’s that time again. August is fast approaching and school is not far behind. Is your child going to play fall sports in school or in a league? We all assume that when we drop off our child(ren) at that first practice that they will be safe, that there is a person present who knows what to do in an emergency medical situation. What if that is not the case? What questions should you ask to determine if the coaches know what to do in case your child gets injured?

1. Preparticipation Physical Examination “Sports Physical”

For school sports, a sports physical is typically required. The form used should be the American Academy of Pediatrics Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form. There are two sections to this form. One for the parent to complete and one for the doctor to complete. The parent portion is called the History Form. It has over 50 questions for you to answer. These are very important and review all types of conditions and family history. A proper sports physical has saved more than a few lives.

2. Emergency Action Plan

Is the athlete’s Emergency Contact and Emergency Medical Information immediately available to the coach (please do not say it is in a 3-ring binder)? If a medication is necessary in an emergency (EpiPen®, Asthma Inhaler), it is immediately available and does the coach know how to properly administer it? Who is responsible for on-field care? Who calls 9-1-1? Who takes care of the rest of the team? Who manages the spectators in the stands? Who meets the ambulance? Who travels with the athlete? Are the coaches trained in CPR? Who gets the AED? Is there an AED available? Who has/maintains the first aid kit? Who notifies emergency contacts? Who documents the incident? Where is it posted? Is it made available to the parents? Is it available to everyone while on the field?

3. Concussion Protocol

Are the coaches trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion? Who removes the player and documents the injury? Who is notified and when? Who oversees the return to play process? Is a doctor’s note required for the athlete to return to play? Does the note have a return to play date? Is this note recorded and is the date communicated to all parties? Can the organization administrator track this process and make final clearance to return?

4. Heat Preparedness Plan

Is the heat index used to determine if practice or a game is safe to play? Is there an ice bath and shade canopy field side? Are water breaks scheduled? Are the athletes weighed before and after practices?

5. Sports Safety System

Can all the above be managed on a phone? See for more information.


From Pill Addict to Pain Free – Watch This…

I want to share a video from a client named Poho…

He went from lying on radiologist’s table sobbing from the pain in his knee…

To stave off surgery he bounced from pain center to pain center, but only ended up hooked on opiod pain killers – yet still in debilitating pain…

But now, he’s completely off the opiods, and his knee pain is gone…

You can hear him tell his story here.

The video is short (a little over a minute), but it demonstrates the amazing power of the stem cell therapy we offer here at The Pain Arthritis Relief Center.

Poho Video:

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Yours In Health,
Dr Brian Paris
CEO & Doctor of Chiropractic



Moving Tips Every Person Should Know

The anticipation of moving can be both exciting and stressful for most people. When it comes to moving, there are plenty of tasks that need to be done before everything is cleared and transitioned into your new home. During this time, you may be asking loved ones for assistance, in addition to renting a moving truck for all your belongings. In the midst of moving, there are proper lifting techniques that every person should know about to help lessen the chances of suffering an injury. The last thing you probably want to deal with is an unexpected broken bone, laceration or concussion from moving a box incorrectly.

Here we have listed a few major lifting techniques to help keep your body strong during the process of moving. For those times when you are simply too tired to do the heavy hauling yourself, you can hire a moving company to do it all instead.

What lifting strategies should I follow when carrying items and boxes?

It is important to help prevent your body from suffering strains, tears and bruises through utilizing proper lifting strategies. If you have any friends or family members who are helping you, have them follow these safety tips too:

  1. When lifting a box or item, bend down then rise using the muscles of your legs and not your back. Keep your back straight while also using the force of your limbs to hoist.
  2. When moving bigger items, it is best to push instead of pulling backwards.
  3. When walking while carrying an item and needing to turn, use your feet and not your hips.
  4. Take small steps, hold an item close to the body, and centered at your core for full efficiency and safety.
  5. Try to keep your maneuvers smooth and not jerky, as a pulled muscle can result from a sudden movement.
  6. Do not lift heavier objects that you know surpass what you can handle. Be modest, and if in doubt let someone else help you move the item.
  7. Take sufficient breaks, drink plenty of water, eat snacks and perhaps even nap if you need to recoup energy.

If I suffered an injury while moving, do I have to see my doctor?

Going to the doctor after a moving-related injury is not always necessary, but highly recommended. Even if your injury is mild, it could become worse in the days to follow. If you or a loved one hurts themselves while carrying a belonging or box, stop immediately. It may be best to hire a moving professional to take over.

What are the benefits of hiring a moving company?

Moving companies Washington, DC trusts can either take over where you have already started, or move your things from the beginning. Those who are trained to move belongings likely also have the equipment needed to haul your heavier items such as furniture and appliances. Those who are considering hiring a moving company may find it is worth the money to have someone else do the lifting, while they focus on other important aspects of their move.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at Suburban Solutions for their advice on moving.

How to get back your vitality at any age…

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Improving Results with Chiropractic Care

Although the holistic health world has known this for decades, it is now proven through a clinical trial and published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) that chiropractic care in addition to standard medical care improves the results of low back pain more than standard medical care alone. In a four year, three site, trial with over 800 participants, the results showed statistically significant moderate improvements in those who receive chiropractic care in addition to standard treatment.

The clinical trial was done at two large and one small military healthcare sites where the incidence of low back pain is high. Based on the clinical trial, low back pain is one of the most likely conditions to interrupt combat duty for military officers. Additionally, the cost, risk, and unreliability of pharmacological treatments has opened the minds of medical practitioners to the potential benefits of adjunct and alternative therapies. Standard care generally is comprised of combinations of NSAIDS, opioids, spinal fusion, and steroid injections. These were also the standard care treatments available in the clinical trial. These treatments alone, without chiropractic care included, consistently, across multiple sources of medical literature prove to have limited effectiveness with unacceptably high risk which was the conclusion of the clinical trial as well.

Because of clinical trials like this one published in JAMA, the opportunities to reduce pain and disability is expanding beyond the 4-15% of people who generally utilize chiropractic care, to those who have previously been closed to more alternative options. It is becoming more and more the case that best practices in medicine include what have previously been considered alternative therapies without proven effectiveness.  Chiropractic care is safe and effective for virtually all spinal complaints. The true combination of medical care and chiropractic care is one that has needed to occur for decades and truly brings to the table the opportunity for multidisciplinary, coordinated care that solves your pain without the adverse reactions associated with many of the standard medical options. If you suffer from back pain and your medical doctor is resistant to the addition or continuation of chiropractic care, you can share this article, or the clinical trial itself. Great chiropractic care, like that of a chiropractor trusts, is often the best solution for low back pain.  Our expertise and our passion are in you being pain free. We are excited about the future of chiropractic medicine and look forward to collaboration and coordination with more medical doctors in the future.

Non Invasive Back Pain Treatment

Back pain both acute and chronic are a huge part of the healthcare demand as well as a major contributor to missed work days and decreased productivity of workers. As the number of back pain sufferers increases, so do the amounts of pain medications being prescribed. As the devastating effects of pharmacological therapies, including opioids continues to damage lives, the effectiveness of conventional treatments for back pain has gone under the microscope. This effort has brought to light the potential benefits of non-invasive treatment options as well as the potential harm of pharmacological therapies such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, NSAIDS, opioids, and benzodiazepines.

Recently an article from the Annals of Internal Medicine outlined the recommendations from the American College of Physicians regarding noninvasive treatments for acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain. The bottom line from the recommendations were that physicians should choose nonpharmacologic options first and only use drug options when other options have failed. Specifically opioid and antidepressant medications should be approached only if the benefit outweighs the cost of potential adverse reactions, specifically addiction/dependence and accidental overdose.

The aim at pursuing non invasive options is in large part due to the known harms of pharmacologics. The short term harms for opioid medications included in the article are: nausea, dizziness, constipation, vomiting, dry mouth, drowsiness, addiction and accidental overdose. This does not include the gut dysfunction, neurotransmitter dysregulation, damage to neurotransmitter receptor sites, depression, and respiratory depression which can result in brain injury. Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are often prescribed before, or in addition to higher level opiate option, but not without harm. NSAIDS are thought to be far more safe than the actually are. It is well documented that they cause a 20% increased risk of heart failure. Over half of stomach bleeds from ulcers are caused by NSAIDS. They also come with increased incidence of renal failure, severe allergic reaction and are very dangerous for children and teenagers.

Noninvasive treatments such as acupuncture, spinal manipulation, exercise, heat application and biofeedback have all shown positive outcomes compared to placebo. However, the quality of the treatment/practitioner performing many of the noninvasive options can make all the difference. Spinal manipulation when done with practitioners trained in corrective care who also uses a specialized physiotherapy team has a much better outcome than a “run of the mill” chiropractic adjustment, as a chiropractor trusts can explain. Then, add in the benefits and positive outcomes for pain from stem cell regenerative therapy optionsh, and the potential benefits of noninvasive treatments for acute, subacute and chronic low back pain increase exponentially. Far too many people assume they must either live with back pain or take medications they would prefer not to take/cause side effects. There are options, very good ones, with positive outcomes for your back pain. You do not have to settle for only two bad options of either staying in pain, or minimally reducing pain and adding other health complications.

Your Pain-free Summer Starts Today…

Summer’s no time to be sidelined with pain or a nagging injury.

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“I’ve been to numerous facilities and therapists to resolve a discouraging and disruptive injury/pain resulting from domestic violence as well as tennis but this is the first time I feel optimistic about getting my body back to good health, if not better than ever before… I recommend that anyone, athlete or not, who suffers from pain – trust that this team will understand where you come from, treat you as more than just another patient, be realistic with all matters, and help you become a healthier, happier, and stronger person.

So, don’t let a nagging injury or pain ruin your summer.

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