Moving Tips Every Person Should Know

The anticipation of moving can be both exciting and stressful for most people. When it comes to moving, there are plenty of tasks that need to be done before everything is cleared and transitioned into your new home. During this time, you may be asking loved ones for assistance, in addition to renting a moving truck for all your belongings. In the midst of moving, there are proper lifting techniques that every person should know about to help lessen the chances of suffering an injury. The last thing you probably want to deal with is an unexpected broken bone, laceration or concussion from moving a box incorrectly.

Here we have listed a few major lifting techniques to help keep your body strong during the process of moving. For those times when you are simply too tired to do the heavy hauling yourself, you can hire a moving company to do it all instead.

What lifting strategies should I follow when carrying items and boxes?

It is important to help prevent your body from suffering strains, tears and bruises through utilizing proper lifting strategies. If you have any friends or family members who are helping you, have them follow these safety tips too:

  1. When lifting a box or item, bend down then rise using the muscles of your legs and not your back. Keep your back straight while also using the force of your limbs to hoist.
  2. When moving bigger items, it is best to push instead of pulling backwards.
  3. When walking while carrying an item and needing to turn, use your feet and not your hips.
  4. Take small steps, hold an item close to the body, and centered at your core for full efficiency and safety.
  5. Try to keep your maneuvers smooth and not jerky, as a pulled muscle can result from a sudden movement.
  6. Do not lift heavier objects that you know surpass what you can handle. Be modest, and if in doubt let someone else help you move the item.
  7. Take sufficient breaks, drink plenty of water, eat snacks and perhaps even nap if you need to recoup energy.

If I suffered an injury while moving, do I have to see my doctor?

Going to the doctor after a moving-related injury is not always necessary, but highly recommended. Even if your injury is mild, it could become worse in the days to follow. If you or a loved one hurts themselves while carrying a belonging or box, stop immediately. It may be best to hire a moving professional to take over.

What are the benefits of hiring a moving company?

Moving companies can either take over where you have already started, or move your things from the beginning. Those who are trained to move belongings likely also have the equipment needed to haul your heavier items such as furniture and appliances. Those who are considering hiring a moving company may find it is worth the money to have someone else do the lifting, while they focus on other important aspects of their move.