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How to Eliminate Low Back Pain

Have you ever gotten out of bed and felt that nagging low back pain?

What really causes low back pain?
Muscular/skeletal issues and/or sitting too long.
1) Domino Effect– Hips get tight.  Low back moves too much.  Joints do too much which can lead to breakdown overtime.
And then one day, out of nowhere, when you’re doing something simple like bending over to tie your shoe… pop!
Solution?  A progressive exercise program to address muscular skeletal issues.- link to appt. for wellness center
2) Sedentary Lifestyle
We wake up and get in our car.  Then we sit at our desks for 8-10 hours.  Then we get back in the car and sprawl out on the couch watching Netflix until we go to bed.  Rinse and repeat.  We do that for the majority of the week!  And what are the results?  We get a weak core and decreased strength and endurance, and we destroy our posture in the process.
Want to change those habits? Email us if you want some tips to change.
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