Common Joint Injuries for Car Accident Victims

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Association Report in 2014, some 2.4 million recorded road accident injuries occurred.

What are common joint injuries?

A common joint injury is any physical injury that happens at the spot of connection between two bones in the body that inflicts pains to the body. A joint is the variety of fibrous connective tissue like the ligaments that holds two separate bones together. It could also be the tendons holding muscles the cartilage or the bone.

When joint injuries occur in an accident, they come with chains of consequences such as medical and legal issues. A car accident victim needs to understand what constitutes joint injuries to know how best to address the different issues surrounding it.

Various Types of Joints in the Human Body

Six types of joints exist in the human body. They help the body to move freely according to the function each performs in the position they occupy; these are angular, gliding, circumduction or rotation. The body joints are:

1.    Ball and socket joints

2.    Hinge joints

3.    Condyloid joints

4.    Pivot joints

5.    Gliding joints

6.    Saddle joints

During an accident, common joint injuries may affect one or multiple joints causing from mild to severe pains.

Types of Common Joint Injuries for Car Accident Victims

Car accidents can inflict joint injuries on those involved in the crash as a result of blunt force trauma sustained in the accident. Joint Injuries often happen as a result of hit, twist or bend of the body parts, especially the legs, arms, pelvis and back in the cause of trying to defend oneself from the impact of the accident.

Handling post-accident situation that causes joint injuries

After an accident leading to joint injuries, it is important to talk to an experienced attorney, a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer can help you with actions toward a remedy. The National Safety Council said there were 35,400 lives claimed by motor vehicle crashes in 2014 alone. It traced causes to alcohol (30.8%), speeding (30%), and distracted driving (26%) making it not the victims’ fault, but it’s hard to make damage claims without help from competent injury lawyer.

If You Have Joint Injury Contact Phoenix Injury Lawyer

Contacting a Phoenix personal injury lawyer after you sustain a joint injury in an accident is a smart decision. Your action will put you in the hands a competent injury lawyer to help you deal with the chain of issues that follow.

Remember, you cannot determine the extent of residual suffering following an accident and what follows are issues you need someone knowledgeable in law to handle. A patient often does not suffer different pains all at the same time. A competent personal injury lawyer knows what steps to take to protect your interest in getting compensation for your injuries and guide you in resulting medical and legal issues.