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3 Secrets to Training & Recovery

We have been compiling some of the best tips to become a better athlete.  Some of these ideas might be new to you but we want you to check them out.  Email us or send us a video on Instagram trying out one of these suggestions.
1)  Training your feet.  Barefoot training. Strength and mobility.
Sagittal Dominant (flexion/extension movements) in sports including CrossFit.
Can’t control body frontal and transverse from twisting and control.
active recovery

2)  Active recovery

There are several ways to perform active recovery, from yoga and pilates to cryotherapy which increases the healing time for athletes.
foam rolling

3)  Foam Rolling

Before you go foam rolling everything, it’s important to target areas where you are having tightness and bundles of muscles that are overused.  Want to know how to use these tools?  Reply to this email to schedule an appointment.