How is Stem Cell Therapy Good For Sports Injuries?

Rockville, MD Sports Injury Doctor

Severe injuries can be particularly impactful on athletes and can take months to completely recover from. After an injury, your energy or performance may not be the same, and you may have to condition your body before you are able to restore its functionality and full range of motion. Stem cell therapy is one treatment option offered by a sports injury doctor in Rockville, MD at the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center that has been effective at treating sports injuries.


Why Use Stem Cells For Treatment?

Your body won’t recognize stem cells as a threat, so they will not react negatively to the injection. Because they are from your own body, you can expect a faster recovery time after the treatment. They can be turned into whatever specific cell that your doctor decides. 

When injuries occur, it can cause an athlete to miss weeks of training sessions and games. If the injury is particularly severe, they may have to miss the entire season completely. Stem cell therapy is a great option that allows athletes to heal from their injury faster, and is effective for many different kinds of injuries. 

Who is Stem Cell Therapy Good For?

Surgery can be expensive and it may not be the ideal treatment for some injuries. They are not guaranteed to bring immediate relief. Stem cell therapy is only recommended if you are a good candidate and are likely to experience positive results after receiving the treatment. The procedure may not be effective for everyone, and the results vary. Talk to a doctor from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center to learn more about stem cell therapy. 

How Do You Prepare For Treatment? 

To prepare you for stem cell therapy, a doctor will first draw your blood. The blood will be then put into a machine that takes out the stem cells. Stem cell therapy can be done through injection, surgery or sutures. 

Get lots of rest, stay hydrated and eat the right foods prior to undergoing treatment. Talk to your doctor about any concerns or questions that you have about what steps you should take and avoid. It is important to talk to your doctor about any medications you are on, including pain relievers. Talk with a doctor about the medications you’re currently taking and they can give you guidance on what to not take. In case you feel particularly weak or experience adverse side effects, having someone to drive you after the procedure is recommended. 

Talk to our doctor so they can determine if you are a right candidate for stem cell therapy.