3 Asked Questions About Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants

People who are missing hair are often embarrassed about balding areas. Hair transplants can be a promising solution for many people who suffer hair loss. However, most people know little about what actually goes into the process. You should research hair transplant surgeons in your area who have ample experience in this field. Ask to see pictures of their work, and set up a consultation about your unique situation. Consider these three commonly asked questions about hair transplanting.

1. How Long Does the Surgery Take?

For most patients, the surgery is an outpatient procedure that will take four to eight hours. This gives your surgeon ample time to remove hair from your donor site onto the scalp. In most cases, you will not have to be put under general anesthesia. Instead, your doctor will numb only the areas being treated. If you are especially anxious about the procedure, your doctor may give you medicine to help you remain calm during the surgery.

2. How Soon Will I See Results?

Hair transplant results are not immediate, so patients must have realistic expectations. Some people start to see new hair growth after only six months, while others may not notice changes until a year after the procedure. It takes time for healthy hair follicles to be established. Following the surgeon’s homecare recommendations is essential for a successful outcome. Be patient during the healing process and know that the result will be worth the months of waiting.

3. How Long Do Results Last?

Do not get disheartened about how long it takes to see results after the surgery. There is good news! For most patients, hair transplants are a permanent solution. Once healthy hair follicles are transplanted, they can continue to produce hair for years to come. So, most patients only have to go through the process one time. This is why it is so important to follow the doctor’s recommendations after surgery — after all, you want the results to last forever.

Other Options

If you are considering hair transplants, know that it is a solution that many patients choose each year. Discuss your options with a hair transplant surgeon on how the results can change your appearance. Another option is getting SMP treatment, which is something recommended for people who would just like to cover a few spots or to make their thinning hair look more aesthetic. You do not have to be embarrassed about bald spots any longer; finally, there is something that you can do to fix it. Living a healthy lifestyle and following the doctor’s orders will help you get the best results possible.