Chiropractic Care and Your Lower Back Pain

Many people think that getting lower back pain is just a sign that you are getting older and that it naturally comes with aging. However, you should not settle into back pain being a way of life from now on. Back pain can be a sign that something more serious is underlying and it can mean if you do not get the treatment you need then you will only continue to get worse and do more permanent damage. While you may have had some luck with massage therapy, this will be unlikely to truly treat the issue causing your back pain. At this point, you may be considering chiropractic care to see if that would be able to help you recover from your pain and fix the underlying cause. 

What are signs it is time to see a chiropractor? 

There are many signs that may lead you to visit your local chiropractor. 

  • You have already taken medication. It is easy to open up your medication cabinet and pop a few painkillers when you do not feel well. In fact, if you are dealing with a fleeting pain problem, this may be the best thing to get you on your way. However, if you begin to notice a dependency on taking painkillers every day throughout the day, this can become a real problem. Additionally, treating your lower back pain with medication does not heal the problem but only masks it. Your provider, like a chiropractor in Rockville, MD from Pain Arthritis Relief Center will want to show you methods of treatment that do not involve pain medication. 
  • You have tried other forms of treatment. Whether you have gone to other holistic doctors or tried traditional Western medicine, you may find that nothing is truly helping your lower back pain. A chiropractor can try new and different techniques to manipulate the tissue and bones in your back and help you with issues like pinched nerves or tight muscles. 
  • You feel like the back pain is causing other issues. Your spinal structure is incredibly important because it provides a pathway from your brain to other areas of your body. If something is off in your spine, it could be sending the wrong signals to areas of your body or it may not be getting out messages at all. By readjusting your spine, your chiropractor can help your whole body begin to run more efficiently in addition to minimizing the pain you are feeling. 

If you need help from your local chiropractor, set up a consultation today.