Chiropractors Can Do – So Much!


When people hear the word “chiropractor” they immediately think of back pain – and chiropractors are definitely experts in helping with that difficult and painful condition. However, chiropractors can and do, benefit people with many other issues besides back pain. Let’s take a look at several of the most common and most beneficial treatments used today.


Chiropractors have been treating sciatica for many years now.  Sciatica is a painful condition where a nerve in the lower back is being pinched causing pain in the leg. The Spine Journal published a study that found that 87% of people treated by a chiropractor for sciatica rated it as worthwhile. US News reports that another journal found that compared to physical therapy for sciatica care, chiropractors were more effective and less expensive.


So many people medicate themselves for headaches – and those medications are not exactly without their own issues: renal failure, bounce back headaches, and more. Chiropractors can also provide relief for headache pain. The primary cause for most headaches today is muscle tension in the neck. Spinal manipulation or adjustments can alleviate stress on your system and improve spinal function. Your chiropractor can also offer advice on posture, exercises, and more to assist with avoiding the neck tension in the first place. These issues are part of the intensive education that a chiropractor receives.


According to WebMD, the moderate pressure manipulations of chiropractic care may have an impact on osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. This can provide relief for the pain of these conditions for the sufferers of the ailments.

Video Game Injuries

With more and more children playing games for long amounts of time, children are experiencing problems that are usually reserved for adults that spend long hours in front of computers or at a desk.  They are having musculoskeletal issues caused by hours of gaming without moving and problems with posture. Common complaints among gamers include:

  • eye strain
  • wrist, arm/elbow or hand/thumb strain
  • classic carpal tunnel syndrome
  • upper back pain
  • neck pain

Chiropractors are treating these children for the issues caused by gaming, but they are also educating them to try to fix the problem before it begins: moderation in playing, ergonomics with their screens and body positions, and taking breaks for movement for their bodies.

With so many possible ways for chiropractors to help with different ailments in addition to back and neck pain, when you have a problem occur, contact a chiropractor, like from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, for help without medication!