Is Scoliosis Treatable by Chiropractic Care?


Scoliosis is when there is an abnormal curvature in the spine. Naturally what is supposed to be an “s” shape from the side becomes a lateral curve instead. Uneven shoulder, hips, waist or a rib hump can be seen in people who have scoliosis. Most cases have no known cause when it comes to scoliosis. Some of the common forms seen in adults are a congenital, paralytic and Idiopathic curve, myopathic deformity and secondary. Chiropractic therapies can be used to treat scoliosis in order to increase and improve function and reduce and eventually eliminate degeneration over time, and the addition of a supportive brace can help the process. 

Similar to other treatments available for scoliosis, chiropractic therapy cannot cure or reverse scoliosis. What chiropractic therapy can do is that it can help to improve the form of a person, which improves the function and hence allows the joint to become more mobile. The improvements help to reduce the pain induced by scoliosis, improves the posture and hence increases the comfort. Once the treatment has started with the chiropractor, proper and routine therapies can help stop and diminish further degradation of the spine as well. 

Chiropractors can offer a lot of treatment options for a patient. Any patient suffering from scoliosis often suffers from a range of other spinal issues that is a result of the disfigured spine, all of which are targeted at chiropractor therapies.


Chiropractors can recognize and diagnose scoliosis, and can determine the degree of the curvature as well. While the curve is between 10 and 40 degrees, a chiropractor can put out a detailed treatment plan which will delay further curving, and maybe even stop it. However if the curvature is more than 40 degrees surgery is recommended instead as the curvature can end up damaging organs in the body. 


Patients with scoliosis tend to have weak and tight muscles. This is where chiropractors come in. they help to stretch and hence strengthen the muscles which in turn help to improve the mechanics of the patient’s posture. Chiropractors will assess every patient individually, and will look at their ranges of motion, their degree of functionality, their x-rays and will assess improvements based on x-rays over a course of time.


The sedentary lifestyle we tend to lead today can worsen scoliosis for people. What chiropractors and a back pain doctor in Mesa, AZ do is that they teach the right postural patterns, and the right exercise that are doable at the home, the gym or even under the chiropractor’s guidance.

Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and treatment for scoliosis.