5 Types of Injuries Chiropractors Can Treat


Chiropractors treat the musculoskeletal system, but they do so without the aid of medication or invasive surgery. Many people hesitate to go to chiropractors because of stereotypes or misconceptions about the practice. Still, the World Health Organization and several other professional medical associations label chiropractic treatment not only safe but useful in the treatment of several injuries.

  1. Back Injuries

Spinal manipulations and chiropractic care are synonymous. Therefore, the fact doctors of chiropractic treat back injuries is unsurprising. However, while chiropractors can treat many spinal injuries, including herniated discs, they will not rush into an adjustment. Most chiropractors will take a patient history and images to make sure there is no existing spinal cord injury requiring additional medical care.

  1. Neck Injuries

Like back injuries, chiropractors take neck injuries seriously. Most soft tissue neck injuries are related to whiplash, which may not show signs for several weeks after an injury occurs. Unlike many physicians, chiropractors treat whiplash injuries. Most doctors will prescribe pain medication and explain that the injury needs time to heal. A chiropractor will never use drugs, but they will treat the injury with spinal manipulations, electric muscle stimulation, and rehabilitation exercises.

  1. Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerve injuries are common among slip-and-fall and car accident patients, but anyone can experience such an injury. Most people experience muscle weakness and tingling in their extremities with a sharp pain radiating out from the nerve. A chiropractor can help ease the pain through manual adjustments, which guide a patient through specific movements to tense and relax the body.

  1. Chronic Headaches

While it may seem unlikely, patients often use chiropractic therapy to treat chronic headaches, especially those brought on by tension. However, beyond stress, headaches can result from pinched nerves. The World Health Organization has found evidence to suggest chiropractic care as a treatment option for chronic headache sufferers.

  1. Arthritis

One of the leading benefits of chiropractic care is the perseverance of mobility among arthritic patients. While many older people may not want to expose their joints to the manipulations performed by chiropractors, there is evidence to suggest greater flexibility and less inflammation in patients who routinely submit to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is useful in the treatment of several types of soft tissue injuries. While not every patient may see the immediate benefits of treatment, there is enough evidence to prove the effectiveness of care. Contact a local chiropractor, like a chiropractor from Lotus Wellness Center, to schedule an appointment today.