How Long Will I Have to Go to Therapy Sessions?

When it comes to starting therapy with an anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL, it’s natural that you would have questions about what to expect. While some of these questions may be easy to answer, others might not be so evident. For example, there’s no way to tell exactly how many therapy sessions you’ll need to complete successful treatment. Each person is different and improvements in mental health will vary based on several different factors. What this means is that there’s no singular treatment plan that is effective for every single person.

Can You Have too Many Sessions?

Depending on your situation, there may not be a clear answer to this question. For most people, however, therapy isn’t meant to last forever. It’s the role of your therapist to help you determine your specific goals and desired outcomes and to help you get there. Your therapy sessions should be centered around helping you achieve these goals. Once you have successfully reached the goals you set out, there would be no more need for you to attend therapy sessions.

The goal of any good therapist is to help you work yourself out of needing therapy. This includes implementing techniques and strategies to help you cope with or overcome issues such as depression and anxiety. If you start to struggle in one area, modifications can be made to your treatment plan to help you focus on that issue and help you develop the tools you need to succeed.

Unfortunately, there are unethical professionals out there that may implement practices to keep you in therapy longer than necessary. This usually arises from a desire to line their pockets instead of truly help their patients. If you have a suspicion that this is taking place, seek a different mental health professional immediately and file a complaint with your local board of ethics.

Will I Have to Go to Therapy Forever?

There may be many different situations during your life where you find therapy to be beneficial. Your specific treatment time will depend on your specific situation and the state of your mental health. For some people, it will only take a few sessions for them to learn how to resolve or manage their issues. For others with severe mental health issues, however, it may be beneficial to continue treatment weekly or monthly for several years.

Therapy sessions and treatments will revolve around what’s best for you – the patient. If you feel that your issues have been addressed and resolved, you can confidently discontinue your appointments.

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