Knee Conditions and Weight Bearing Activities

Knee Doctor

Following the diagnosis of a knee condition, it becomes evident very quickly that one’s life can be dramatically changed. Even in the smallest ways, a knee that is not 100% can force someone to make a number of adjustments in their daily life. When additional needs arise, such as moving heavy objects, it may be necessary to make alternate arrangements. In addition, what may not have seemed heavy before your knee condition developed might now be too heavy for you to consider moving. Some movers offer a number of services in addition to transporting boxes between old and new residences. For instance, if you have limited mobility temporarily, or permanently, you can count on them to help you in the following ways:

Moving to a new location. If you are currently living in a dwelling that is not conducive to your knee condition, you may need to move to one that offers more accessibility. For example, if your current home has stairs, it might not be practical to live there until after your knee has recovered. If you’re confined to a wheelchair because of your knee, the kitchen and bathroom counters may be inaccessible to you, as well as the cabinets above them. While waiting for modifications to your home to make it wheelchair accessible, you may need to live somewhere else. Regardless of your reasons for needing to move, and whether it’s temporary or permanent, a moving company can pack your belongings as well as move them for you to your new home.

Rearranging your home. As you recover from your knee condition, it may be helpful to rearrange your furniture in a room or move certain items from one room to another. For example, you may need to have your bed downstairs instead of in your upstairs bedroom. You may need to remove bulky furniture from the living room in order to accommodate your wheelchair. Trained specialists can handle these tasks for you, and arrive at your home during a day and time that is convenient for you. They will courteously and carefully rearrange the items in your house as you require. Later, after you have recovered from your knee condition, they can move your items back to their original condition.

Lifting heavy items. Just as you might need to rearrange items in your house, you may also need one or more heavy items lifted to another location. For instance, if you need to access something but it’s blocked by something else, the folks at your moving company can lift and move that object to the location in your home you specify and which is not in your way.

If you are still in a medical treatment facility, your moving company can perform the services you need in advance of you returning home. Give them a call to find out how they can accommodate your knee ailment and reduce the likelihood of re-injuring your knee or worsening its current condition.