Pain Free In 3 Minutes?

Traditional pain relief systems take anywhere from 30-40 minutes per session to hand you any real relief…

But our very own Pain Arthritis Relief Center has pioneered a cutting edge pain relief treatment called Reflexive Pattern Therapy® to help eliminate your chronic pain.

And instead of 30 – 40 grueling minutes…

RPT takes only 3-4 minutes to give you immediate pain relief.

It’s already proven to bring ultra-fast pain relief for numerous professional athletes and coaches, including:

  • Jim Larranaga – University of Miami Head Basketball
  • Tarik Black – Los Angeles Lakers
  • Alex Len – Phoenix Suns
  • DeSean Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Henry Sims – Vanoli Cremona/Brooklyn Nets
  • Jay Larranaga  – Assistant Head Coach Boston Celtics
  • Lauri Markkanen  – Chicago Bulls
  • Raymond Floyd – Hall of Fame Professional Golfer

And the Reflexive Pattern Therapy® has been featured prominently on ABC, NBC, The Washington Post, and local Washington News Channel 8.

The skillful blending of Eastern and Western understanding of the body, its energy flows and the effects on your nervous system is what makes RPT so unique and powerful…

Reflexive Pattern Therapy essentially “resets” your body at the nervous system level…

With your system reset, the entire body relaxes, chronic pain vanishes, and blessed relief is achieved – all in just 3-4 minutes.

So if you’re in pain, call us at 301-710-9777 or just stop in to the Pain Arthritis Relief Center to set up a time to see Andrew and discover the amazingly fast pain relieving power of RPT…

P.S. Want to “test drive” the pain-relieving power of RPT? (Read below)

Pain Arthritis Relief Center will be at an upcoming local event, sponsored by the Pain Arthritis Relief Center and area businesses, in support of our veterans, and veteran charities…

Anyone who donates to one of these charities will get a FREE RPT treatment at the event from Andrew. Look for upcoming details of the event in future emails!