Interest is a casual, fickle beast…COMMITMENT is a far different animal

Interest is a casual, fickle beast…COMMITMENT is a far different animal

 Many people pay lip service to getting pain free and back to health.

But what they really want is simply to not feel the pain any longer.

They don’t want to do what it takes to solve the underlying issue causing they’re pain.

They’re “interested” in being pain free, but they’re not “committed.”

Sure, they’ll take the benefits from being pain free, right up to the point where it requires more than a nominal effort or change on their part…

Once there’s any form of resistance, it’s typically a sigh, a shake of the head, and a pronouncement that things “didn’t work.”

The real problem is commitment.

You see, interest is a casual, fickle beast.

It comes and goes, requires little energy or effort, and produces little in the way of lasting results.

But commitment is a far different animal…

It creates lasting change, because it draws on the energies of the entire person: mind, body, spirit.

To be truly committed means to take responsibility.

It means being consistent.

And it means you adapt what works and throw out what doesn’t.

When you’re committed you find a way to overcome an obstacle – over, under, around, through…

What you don’t do is stand there, stare at the obstacle, shrug and turn back… that’s interest.

Too many people are interested in getting free from pain – but not committed.

What about you?

Are you suffering but finally committed mind, body and spirit to get free from your pain?

If so, I can help.

And my promise to you is that I’ll be committed to helping you get pain free and back to health.

That’s our mission here at the Pain Arthritis Relief Center…

And the hundreds of testimonials from our pain free clients assure us we’re achieving that mission every day…

Now it’s your turn to decide.

Are you just interested in being pain free… Or are you committed?

If you’re honestly committed, simply call me at 301-710-9777 for a free phone consultation on your specific situation…

Or if you already know we can help, just schedule a visit and we’ll get started ASAP.

The choice is yours.

You have nothing to lose but your pain.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Yours in health,


Pain Arthritis Relief Center