Neck Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20 percent of falls cause a serious head injury. Millions of people in the United States suffer neck injuries from serious falls, and 2.5 million senior citizens seek treatment in emergency rooms after a fall.

  • Most slip and fall accidents occur in crowded places.
  • The falls are usually caused by slippery or uneven floors.
  • After a fall, the victim must receive medical and legal attention immediately.
  • The hours and days after the fall are a critical time, and the victim’s actions could have an impact on establishing liability.
  • After establishing liability, the victim can pursue legal action and compensation.

Report the Injury Accident to the Property Owner

Our law firm makes every effort to ensure our clients are fairly compensated. If the injury accident happens on private property, the victim should notify the person in charge of the property. If the fall happens in a commercial building, the incident should be reported to the property manager. For accidents that occur on recreational public property, the city should be notified by a phone call and written notification.

Ask for Contact Information From Witnesses

If there are any witnesses to the incident, the victim should gather their contact information. Our attorneys will ask for the witnesses’ full names and phone numbers. Their testimony may have a significant impact on the determination of who is liable for the incident.

Gather Photographic Evidence From the Scene

After gathering information from the witnesses, the victim should take photographs of the injuries and of the accident scene. Videos and pictures should be taken as soon as possible before evidence degrades. The videos and pictures should show the accident location from different angles. The images should also capture any environmental hazards and obstructions. In addition, the victim should take pictures of their injuries immediately after the accident and then again a few days later to show the progression of swelling and bruising.

Seek Immediate Medical Care After the Fall

The victim should seek medical treatment after the incident. Sometimes, complications do not occur immediately after the fall. Residual pain from neck injuries can become an issue days or even months after the accident. If the victim does not seek medical attention directly after the accident, the insurance company can argue that the pain was not caused by the fall. A doctor’s official medical diagnosis can validate the victim’s injuries.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Slip and Fall Lawyer

Before speaking with any insurance companies, the victim should hire an experienced work injury lawyer. The process of handling a personal injury claim is complex and delicate. Any omitted facts could make the victim responsible for the incident. Our attorney can help you through the tedious process of proving liability.

During the court’s determination of who is responsible, several factors will be considered. The court will need to know how long the area has been unsafe. They will also need to make sure that the victim did not ignore proper warning signs.

We understand that you may be in serious pain as well as emotionally anxious after a serious slip and fall accident. When you contact us, we will make every effort to safeguard your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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