How Can A Chiropractor Help You with Repetitive Motion Shoulder Issues? 


ChiropractorSometimes, people get injured at work or while playing sports by doing the same thing over and over again. This is called a “repetitive motion injury.”You need to be treated for this as soon as you notice an onset of pain so that you do not create lasting issues. A good shoulder pain chiropractor, like someone from AmeriWell Clinics, should be able to assist you to determine the best possible treatment plan to move forward. 

A Chiropractor Will Help You Recreate a Better Ergonomic Situation

Your chiropractor will likely ask you how you believe you got injured. If you do not know, you may be asked a series of questions to investigate what may have happened to cause your issues. By figuring out a root cause, you can make sure these problems do not continue to happen. Your chiropractor will probably have different ways to seek a solution to your problem. For example, he or she may try to alter the way you do things so that you are not always doing the same motion back to back so much. Your chiropractor may also offer solutions that can help make the motions that you are doing less harmful. For example, he or she may suggest a new keyboard or computer screen if you are using ones that are harming the way your body is positioned. 

A Chiropractor May Give You Exercises That Can Help

There are plenty of tools you can use to help you continue to do whatever your repetitive motion is. You may just need to make some adjustments. Along with changing your ergonomics, your chiropractor may give you stretches to do as a break between motions. This may be in time increments, such as every 20 or 30 minutes, or may be after a certain number of motions that you do. Your chiropractor may also give exercises that will make your body better equipped to handle the motion. By strengthening your muscles, you may have better endurance or it may take some of the burden off other body parts and make the motion much easier. 

Protecting Your Shoulders

It is important to make sure your shoulders are protected for a long time. Shoulders are important in helping your body function and in being independent. By using the techniques your chiropractor gives you, as well as treating your body to regular manipulations and hands-on treatment, you are ensuring long-term health. 

Contact a Chiropractor Today

Do not hesitate to reach out to a chiropractor if you think you are dealing with repetitive motion injuries in your shoulders. They can likely be fixed, but the sooner you reach out the better chance you have of healing. Set up a consultation or your first appointment today. You will wish that you did even sooner once you begin treatment and see how much it helps.