Home Stretches for Those With Neck and Back Pain

When you have back or neck pain, a chiropractor has the potential to relieve your suffering. However, being proactive is essential. You can play an active role in your chiropractic health by stretching at home. Here are some stretches that your back doctor  like one from Austin Physical Therapy is likely to suggest.

Exercises for Neck Pain

Numerous movements are designed to alleviate neck discomfort. One involves tilting your neck forward and backward while sitting, holding each position for 15 to 30 seconds at a time. You can also do the same move to the left and right. Health experts recommended that you repeat these drills multiple times per day.

Similarly, shoulder rolls have the ability to reduce neck irritations. These actions should be performed while standing, with the feet shoulder length apart. Rotate your shoulders backward and forward six times each, repeating the process however many times you deem fit.

Exercises for Middle Back Pain

One move that can relieve middle back pain is known as the cobra stretch. Lie on your stomach with both legs together and the palms of your hands facing down near your shoulders. Press into the floor, and lift your head and chest as far as you can. Sustain this position for one full breath before slowly lowering yourself back down.

Another exercise is the seated spinal twist. Sit with your back straight, either cross-legged or with your legs straight out. Place one hand behind you and the other on your knee. Inhale and then twist away from the knee with your hand while you exhale. Go as far as you can, holding your breath for several moments before releasing. Relax for a moment before repeating the process in the other direction.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Consider this stretch if you have lower back trouble. Lie on the ground facing up with your knees bent and your feet flat. Depending on which you prefer, put your arms at your side or your hands behind your head. Tighten your abdominal muscles as though you were bracing to be punched. Hold for 10 seconds and then let go.

The prayer stretch is also fantastic for targeting the lower back. Kneel on the ground so that your knees are in front of you and your rear is on your heels. Reach forward, stretching and lengthening your spine. Hold this position for as long as a minute before releasing.

These are just a few exercises that chiropractors recommend for relieving pain. Consult yours before doing anything, and incorporate as many as possible into your daily routine.