Patient Experience – Patricia

Patricia“Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment together really caught my eye.”

We want to tell you a story about Patricia, one of our patients, who experienced great relief from treatment at PARC.

Patricia is a retired teacher and a professional violinist.
About 3 years ago, Patricia was walking into her orchestra pit when she was suddenly crushed and pinned to the ground. As she tried to stand back up, Patricia realized that she was unable to move and in an incredible amount of pain.

A 40 pound speaker had fallen on her head from behind, crushing her head and primarily her left side. Since this accident, she has dealt with intense leg pain, head pain, and vertigo.

This accident greatly impacted Patricia’s career and family life. She was no longer able to continue as a violinist, and unable to feel confident babysitting and caring for her granddaughter due to unpredictable bouts of vertigo threatening to come on. Patricia tried other physical therapy practices and reported that she didn’t feel much relief at all from their approach.

It was the unique care and integration of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatment at PARC that caught her eye. She reported that the holistic approach from the PARC PT and Chiro team including Acupressure and Massage has really brought her to feeling the best that she has felt in three years. Patricia even learned techniques to self manage vertigo symptoms when she felt the threat of an episode, allowing her to have control over her pain and symptoms. Patricia is now back confidently caring for her granddaughter and even teaching her granddaughter how to sew. Patricia is back on the road to enjoying her life.

Results like this truly make our jobs so enjoyable and fulfilling.