How Can Physical Therapy Help Me? 

Rockville, MD Chiropractor

Patients who suffer from symptoms like neck pain and back pain can benefit from a physical therapy program to get relief. When you go to a chiropractor who offers physical therapy as a treatment option, they can evaluate your body to determine what conditions you are suffering from. Whether you were recently injured in an accident or have been experiencing chronic pain due to your work, a trained and qualified chiropractor can develop a program curated for you. 

There are many benefits to undergoing physical therapy, such as relieving pain, improving your flexibility, and strengthening your body. A chiropractor in Rockville, MD, like one from Pain & Arthritis Relief Center, will recommend specific exercises that target certain muscles and are appropriate for your level. Learn about the benefits of physical therapy in detail below.

Helps Manage Your Pain and Symptoms

One of the main goals of physical therapy is pain management. Through strengthening and conditioning exercises you can decrease the level of pain that you are experiencing. They can help you make your pain more manageable throughout the day or even get rid of it altogether.

Improves Your Flexibility and Mobility

A chiropractor may recommend physical therapy if you have limited range of motion. Physical therapy exercises can improve your movement and restore your flexibility. You will be able to do basic motions like walk, bend, twist, and lift with less pain. 

Strengthens Your Body

During a physical therapy program, strength-training exercises may be incorporated. You will usually start with lower weights and gradually increase as you get stronger. Body-weight exercises and tools such as bands and cables may be part of your program so you can increase your strength and stamina. 

Prevent Serious Injuries

Another benefit of physical therapy is that it minimizes the risk of injuries. Stretching helps to warm up the muscles and condition them so they are ready for a workout. A chiropractor can help find which parts of the body are weaker and vulnerable to injuries so they can recommend specific exercises that will help make it more balanced. 

What many patients find appealing about physical therapy is that you can go at your own pace. A chiropractor creates a program that is customized for you and what you can handle. Over time, your strength will improve so you can move on to more challenging exercises. To find out more about how physical therapy can be a good option for you, schedule a consultation with a qualified chiropractor.