Your Relationship After Couples Counseling

Physical Therapy

A common question among couples entering counseling is what their relationship looks like after therapy. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to that question because every couple and circumstance is different. Some relationships are unhealthy and shouldn’t be salvaged, while others only need to get through a rough patch. Counseling, like couples counseling in Palatine, IL from Lotus Wellness Center, is not a cure-all solution or remedy; it is about learning the tools and skills to manage and be in a relationship without losing yourself. Therefore, the most favorable result of therapy will help a couple manage several aspects of a healthy relationship.

Improved Communication

Couples who successfully complete therapy should come out of the process with improved communication skills. They should be able to discuss their feelings in a way that is not combative or attributive. Effective communication is about sending and receiving messages without being degrading or abusive. Therapy will help you and your partner discover the tenants of effective and efficient communication, but you both need to be receptive to the information.

Better Conflict Management

Next, a compliant couple will typically learn the skills needed for conflict management and resolution. In other words, a couple should be able to have productive disagreements, meaning they should be able to state their feeling and opinions and come to a compromise or resolution. Conflict management is challenging for many couples because it involves sacrifice and cooperation, which might get to the heart of their underlying issues.

Greater Individual Confidence

While couples counseling is meant to improve the relationship, it also contributes to greater individual confidence. The reason therapy can have this effect is because it focuses on individual expression and reflection. With newfound confidence in communication and emotions, individuals are more assertive, which is healthy and helps to avoid a common relationship pitfall of hiding feelings and disagreement.

Healthier Partnership

Last, if a couple is committed to treatment and responsive in sessions, then they can expect a healthier partnership. However, that does not guarantee the preservation of the relationship. It is possible that through therapy a couple realizes they are incompatible on an intimate level, which is OK. Not every relationship can or should be salvaged, and therapy should help you determine the fate of your partnership.

While most people go to couples therapy wanting the therapist to salvage their relationship, it is necessary to understand a counselor is not a miracle worker. You have to put in the work. If you are ready to commit to the process, then contact a local counselor and schedule an appointment.