Seeing a Chiropractor during Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care

Every woman dreams to be a mother one day by giving birth to a healthy baby and rearing him up to be a good human being. When a woman gets pregnant she is not only concerned about herself but also concerned about her baby so that he turns into a healthy one without any complications. Usually, in pregnancy, women embrace changes into their lifestyle and habit just for the sake of the baby. Doctors also recommend pregnant women to take massage and stretch exercises for their own benefits. So, seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy is actually safe and highly beneficial. 

A pregnant woman usually goes through nausea, back pains, and fatigue in their pregnancy period. If you’ve been pregnant before then you know how it is but if you haven’t then you’re going to soon experience them. As a pregnant woman goes through various biological and psychological changes in this period, sometimes these changes can create various troubles such as back pains and other general discomforts. Moreover, these changes also increase the risk of longer labor and other complications during the delivery, namely- C-section delivery. For avoiding such complications and risks, a chiropractor is a blessing as he can use different methods to reduce these cases and benefit mothers to have healthier pregnancy and birth outcomes. 

Why You Could See a Chiropractor

Here are some reasons why seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy is helpful:

  1. Get rid of your lower back pain: During pregnancy, a kind of pressure is felt in the lumbar spine and in the joints of the pelvis as soon as the baby starts growing. As a result of this, back pain is caused. A back pain doctor in Mesa, AZ will be helpful in creating adjustments which will bring movement and correct the alignment of the joints. They adjust the pelvis, lower back and also massage the surrounding areas in balancing the pelvis and reducing stress around the uterus. This will help the baby to acquire the best delivery position and also relieve the mother from lower back pain and other complications. 
  2.   Alignment of the pelvis: In pregnancy, relaxin hormone is released which loosens the ligaments so that the head of the baby fits through the pelvis. As a result, instability is noticed in the joints causing pain while walking or moving, sitting or standing for a long time, and while rolling over the bed. Seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy will recommend you exercises and stretches minimize these problems. 
  3.   The best position for the delivery of the baby: All pregnant women have to go through labor pain which is undoubtedly very painful to experience. Most of the women experience back pain during the labor which is often termed as ‘dystocia’, which is caused by a misaligned pelvis. Chiropractors help to adjust the pelvis and lower back which keeps the pelvis aligned for optimal baby positioning providing a healthy, safe and easy delivery for both the baby and the mother.



Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and pregnancy.