Is a Referral Needed To See a Chiropractor?

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You may be wondering if a referral from an MD is needed to see a chiropractor. Chiropractors themselves don’t require them, and are good sources of primary care, but your insurance plan might require a referral.

What Treatment Should You Try First?

In terms of what’s most effective for spinal and joint pain, starting with a chiropractor makes the most sense, because chiropractic care doesn’t rely on drugs or surgery. These two techniques are sometimes the first choices presented by medical doctors, but drugs, including muscle relaxers, often have serious side effects. Surgery should always be viewed as a last resort. Many medical doctors do recommend chiropractic care to patients with persistent joint pain, but if your doctor doesn’t, you should ask for a referral or simply make an appointment with a chiropractor.

If in Doubt, Ask Your Insurance Company

Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care without a referral. Smart consumers of medical care understand the benefits of chiropractic and demand coverage for treatments. Some plans cover a set number of visits per year, and some place other restrictions. They may require that it be for a specific set of symptoms. Your chiropractor may be able to provide information about your insurance company, or check coverage for you at the time of your first visit. You can usually call the insurance company using the number on the back of the card to receive further information.

Look for a Chiropractor Within Your Network

Just like other forms of medical care, your insurance company probably has a list of chiropractors that it has approved for their customers to see. This is often referred to as being “in network.” This simply means that the chiropractors on their list have agreed to the compensation for services provided by the insurance company. If you want to use a chiropractor who is not on the insurance company’s list, try contacting that chiropractor. It’s sometimes possible for them to get on the insurance company’s approved list.

Chiropractic Is Often Affordable Without Insurance

Because chiropractic care doesn’t rely on drugs, laboratory tests, and a lot of expensive equipment, your chiropractor can often provide rates per visit that are relatively affordable even without insurance coverage, especially if you are a patient under regular care.

A chiropractor in Rockville, MD from Pain Arthritis Relief Center ideally is your first line of defense, especially for problems associated with your spinal and joint health. It usually isn’t necessary to get a referral from a medical doctor to receive chiropractic care, but check with your insurance company if in doubt.