Finding a Therapist at Night or on a Weekend

Finding a Therapist at Night or on a Weekend

Some issues requiring therapy are easily managed with scheduled, once-a-week therapy sessions, but others require more personalized assistance. Perhaps you don’t have time off your job during the day to meet with someone. Maybe you are dealing with an emergency during off hours. If you are dealing with something and need to speak with a therapist right away, you might wonder if anyone will be available at night or on the weekend. The good news is there are many options out there so you don’t have to deal with this on your own.

Night and Weekend Appointments

Many therapy centers have night and weekend appointments, though they might not regularly schedule them that way. Counselors understand not everyone can get off work during the day to deal with their personal problems, so they’re available at other times as well. If you need an appointment during non-business hours, contact your therapist and ask. Chances are the therapist has a few openings for situations just like yours and you’ll be able to get in when you need to.

If you haven’t been to a therapist before and this will be your first time, maybe do a little research into hours of operation for different counseling centers before deciding on one. If you know you can only meet during the evenings or on weekends, you can begin to schedule appointments that way from the very beginning.

Emergency Calls

If you see a therapist who doesn’t typically schedule night or weekend appointments, check to see if they have an emergency number you can call in case you really need someone to talk to during off hours. Therapists are in the business of helping people and they know emergencies happen. They may be able to speak with you over the phone about your issue, or they may set up an appointment for later in the day so you can get together.

If your personal therapist doesn’t have an emergency call number, find a counseling center that does so you always have someone to help you when you need it.

Never Be Afraid to Call

Whether your therapist takes appointments at night and on the weekends or not, never be afraid to call for help. Some situations require immediate assistance and most therapists who are available will be there for you. Whether this is your first time seeing CBT therapy in Palatine, IL or you’ve been down this road before, contact a therapist today to schedule your appointment so you can get the help you need.


Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into therapists that can do night or weekend appointments.