Treating Pain After a Bike Accident with Chiropractics

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Anyone who has been on a bike before, probably understands just how terrifying it can be to almost get hit by a car passing by. Obviously, even scarier than that would be to find oneself involved in an actual collision. The injuries for bike accidents can be incredibly painful and complex, since the relatively fragile human body may be tossed against the sturdy exterior of a vehicle. Injuries can range anywhere from scrapes, broken bones, head injuries, and critical internal bleeding.

It is estimated that around half a million cases that enter the emergency room every year in the United States are related to bicycle accidents.

For victims of bike accidents who sustained injuries related to the musculoskeletal system, can benefit from meeting with a chiropractor soon after the incident. A chiropractor can perform adjustments of the spinal column and other joints to help alleviate pain in the following areas:

Head and Neck Pain

A chiropractor can examine the victim’s head and neck injury to figure out the source of the problem. The bicyclist may have sustained a whiplash injury or displaced vertebral disc. A chiropractor can reduce restrictions on the spine and activate the neck muscles through gentle manipulations.

A chiropractor may also suggest soft tissue therapy and easy stretches at home to aid in reducing soreness. After a spinal realignment, the neck can be placed back into the right position in relation to the spine, reducing pain and helping increase range of motion.

Lower Back Pain

Spinal adjustments assist with decreasing pain in the neck, upper back, shoulders, and lower back too. The spine is responsible for enabling the body to function as intended. So when the spine has been tossed out of positioning, it can wreak havoc on surrounding areas and throughout the body.

Knee Pain

The spine is not the only area that can be realigned. Other joints such as the knee can benefit from chiropractic adjustments too. If the knee pain is stemming from stuck joints due to direct trauma from hitting the vehicle, a chiropractor can gently manipulate the knee to help restore normal function and decrease inflammation.

Muscle Pain

Some victims of bike accidents can have muscle pain due to tiny microtears. This is often accompanied by muscle tightness and soreness as the body’s response to the damage. With chiropractic adjustments, the toxins built up within the muscles can be removed, promoting healing and reducing symptoms.

Numbness and Tingling

Joint pressure or compressed disks in the spine can cause numbness and tingling in the feet and hands of the bike accident victim. A chiropractor can not only make adjustments to take the pressure off of these disks, but show you how to mount your bike after recovery so you know how to limit pressure on your hands and feet during your routine riding. Depending on the severity of the numbness and tingling, a chiropractor may also suggest physical therapy in Rockville, MD in combination with chiropractic adjustments to optimal results.

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