CrossFit and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Gaithersburg, MD

In America, CrossFit is one of the fastest growing sports. CrossFit followers go through a series of high-intensity workouts to get into the best shape possible and compete in competitions all around the world. The workouts are usually comprised of a mixture of calisthenics, weight lifting, and aerobics to keep your heart rate up and your muscles exhausted. With such high-intensity training, however, members of CrossFit gyms need to find a way to keep injuries to a minimum so that they can keep up with daily practices. One of the best ways they can avoid injuries is by visiting a chiropractor regularly.

Common Injuries associated with CrossFit

  •      Back, knee, and shoulder pain such as injuries to the Achilles tendon or your rotator cuff
  •      The elbow with injuries like lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow
  •      Wrist injuries like De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

How can a Chiropractor help with healing?

The physician at a licensed chiropractor will help restore your CrossFit performance with methods like massaging and stretching.

  • Massages can be used to help scar tissues heal. Chiropractic massages can help get the blood flowing to the damaged area in your body and help to restore your flexibility and relieve the stress and pressure in the injured area.
  • Injuries like Achilles tendinitis can be treated with different stretching techniques. This is also a great way to apply what you have learned from your chiropractor and take those techniques home in a way that stretches and heals you safely.

What should you expect from your chiropractic visit?

If you are beginning CrossFit or are a veteran of CrossFit, seeing an experienced chiropractor can get you on the road to safe workouts and quicker healing. What should you expect from your first chiropractic visit?

  1. Once you arrive, you will most likely be expected to give a medical history. In the case of CrossFit, explain the type of workouts you do on a daily or weekly basis and where you experience the most tightness or soreness. If you have been injured in a workout, identify the circumstances surrounding how your pain began. How does it limit you? What is your pain level?
  2. The second step is providing any images you have already gotten done (if you have) or getting images done through your chiropractor. These might come in the form of x-rays or MRIs. If you have gotten bloodwork done, those results should be sent over prior to your first chiropractic visit.
  3. The next step would be for the chiropractor to examine the area where you are experiencing pain. You can typically expect a chiropractor to observe your alignment, nerve function, your scope of movement, and how much flexibility with movement you have in that area.
  4. At the end of your exam, your chiropractor will treat the affected area, and show you how it will improve your daily function.

If you are taking up CrossFit or have been a member of a CrossFit gym for a period of time, care in chiropractic Gaithersburg, MD offers can be an incredibly useful way to help you recover from injuries and keep you healthy.

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