Chiropractics as an Alternative to Standard Medicine

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Depending on the type of activities we engage in every day, we may be more or less susceptible to knee injuries. Knee pain can seriously hinder our ability to go about our daily lives with ease. The knees allow us to stand, walk, stoop, jump and many other movements. The health of our knees may be often forgotten about, that is until recurring pain has developed. It is understandable that those with unresolved knee pain may start to look into other forms of medicine. A patient may have been informed by their doctor that surgery is the very last remaining option for treatment. But, chiropractic care can be a great alternative to invasive procedures.

Root Causes of Knee Pain

In standard medicine, a doctor may recommend that a patient with knee pain limits his or her mobility and take prescription pain medication. This may work in the shorter term, but could be putting a temporary blanket over a deeper issue. The two most common causes of knee pain is arthritis and sports-related injuries.

With arthritis of the knee, cartilage breaks down and may only get worse over the course of time unless the appropriate treatment is sought. A chiropractor may recommend regular knee adjustments, supplements and healthy weight loss as a way to help lessen knee pain. When sports players injure their knees, they may suffer from painful cartilage and ligament tears that require long-term treatment.

Adjustments After Knee Surgery

In some very severe cases, surgery may be required for knee injuries. This can be especially true for sports players and victims of car accidents. The knee may need to be surgically placed back into proper alignment in order for recovery to be possible. But, this doesn’t mean that chiropractic care cannot be part of the healing process. A chiropractor can help the patient with pain and inflammation after the critical stage has been addressed.

What to Expect

During your chiropractic appointment, the doctor is likely to consult with you first about the pain you are experiencing. A treatment plan can be created that is unique to you as an individual. A chiropractor may suggest getting an adjustment of your spine as well, since that area is a key component of our body system. When one site is out of proper body alignment, it can have a ripple effect to surrounding areas too.

After the spinal adjustment, a chiropractor may then attend to the knee area itself. By performing adjustments to the knee joints, it can help reduce pain, inflammation and may also kick-start the body’s natural healing processes. Once the body has been moved into proper positioning, blood flow and the transferring of nutrients can occur more easily.

When to See a Chiropractor

Those who have been in pain for some time without resolution despite treatment, may be able to benefit from the chiropractic approach. If you find that the knee pain has limited your mobility, has a negative impact on your life or kept you from doing the things you love, then it may be time to schedule an appointment with a qualified knee doctor Gaithersburg, MD residents rely on at Pain Arthritis Relief Center.