Stem Cells

Regenerative stem cell therapy proves that the future of medicine is here. It is not uncommon for truly innovative therapies to be too exclusive or too expensive for the average person, but that is changing as stem cell therapy makes its way into the mainstream. Stem cells have been shown to repair, replace and renew areas of injured bone, tendon, muscle, and cartilage. Mesenchymal stem cells are the predominant type of cell in the musculoskeletal system and are designed to become the type of cell that is needed in the body. When we are young, we have many stem cells that are young and able to deploy to areas of healing quickly. This is why a broken bone may take only about two weeks to heal for a toddler, but for a middle aged person, it may be more like six to eight week and have a chance of not healing completely. This is because our stem cells age as we do. With the use of stem cell therapy, new, young stem cells can be used to give fresh healing power to the areas that need it.

Stem cells are biologically programmed to go where the body needs them to go. In cases of chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, chronic disease and even autoimmune conditions, stem cells can be the restorative power the body has lost through years of stress, injury, inflammation and repetitive movements. Our bodies are designed to heal but the natural healing process weakens as stress and inflammation take over. Our busy, stressful modern lives make the body’s innate healing abilities more like an uphill battle, but stem cells can aid the body in doing better what it already knows to do.

Think of stem cells like the raw materials needed to build a house, as a stem cell doctor trusts cans explain. If the pine wood gets replaced with balsa wood, and the metal hardware replaced with aluminum, and then all the materials needed for the job are cut in half, you will have a hard time building a house that can weather the storms that will come. Aging, stress, inflammation, poor sleep, poor quality food, and overuse of synthetic medications all deplete the body of the raw materials needed for a strong body that can respond to anything life brings. Stem cell therapy can help to renew and strengthen the body’s ability to produce and use quality raw material for healing and vitality.

Not only are stem cells effective and offer powerful healing for your body, they are fast and have no recovery time. Research suggest that over 50% of surgical interventions for musculoskeletal will need additional surgeries. Stem cell therapy can help you avoid high costs of surgery, risk of complications, risk of side effects from surgery related medications, missed work days, and time rehabilitating after surgery. Good science, innovative technology, and the body’s innate healing power make stem cell therapy a truly remarkable alternative to standard treatments of medication and surgery.