Back & Muscle Injuries While Moving

The process behind home relocation can be overwhelming and unpredictable. To help keep everyone injury-free, it is best to practice safety and proper body mechanics at all times. Due to the physical demand of lifting boxes and other items, injuries can be all too common. Feeling rushed while on a time constraint can increase our chances of getting hurt. Trying to work faster can make you forget about safety and the correct ways to use your body when lifting, stooping and bending. This is why many people choose to hire movers instead, so they can avoid the risk of a serious and long-term injury during a time of major life change.

Back Injuries

Perhaps one of the most common injuries during moving is a back injury. On a daily basis, we lift items that are not heavy and do not usually put much strain on our muscles. When trying to lift and carry especially bulky objects, a significant amount of pressure can be put on the back. If the weight of the boxes or belongings you are moving are heavier than what your body is used to, then you have a greater chance of hurting your back in the process.

Muscle Injuries

On moving day, your body may endure many odd movements that it is not used to performing. Frequent bending, pushing, pulling and twisting is just not natural for our bodies. Even the slightest wrong move can teak or strain a muscle. There are three kinds of muscle injuries, and are listed as follows:

  1. Muscle Strains = occurs when fibers are torn due to muscle overuse.
  2. Muscle Cramp = strenuous activity can lead to cramping in your muscles, including thighs, arches of your feet and calves.
  3. Muscle Contusion = muscles can get bruised when trauma or a direct impact causes capillaries to be damaged.

Preventative Methods

When lifting, do not overexert yourself. Be aware of your own restrictions, and do not push your body past its limit when trying to carry oversized items. Use helpful tools like a dolly, appropriate shoes, gloves with grip and furniture sliders to make things a little easier. If you do not have these items, ask friends and family if you can borrow from them. If you find that trying to move on your own is just too stressful, consider hiring professional movers to take over. They can provide the equipment necessary to haul out your hefty and wobbly items.

Make sure to give your body the necessities it needs for physical activity, including snacks, rest and drinking plenty of water. Stretch before starting to move boxes and take frequent breaks when needed.

Hiring a Moving Company

Moving professionals can offer strategy, efficiency and care when handling the more fragile and treasured items. Mark boxes that have delicate objects inside so movers know to treat it more gently. Your back and muscles will thank you later, when you finish moving uninjured because because you paid other people to lift for you. Your body and health is most important. You want to start the journey to your new home with energy and vitality, not feeling worn down or in pain while nursing an injury.